HGTV’s Page Turner is Building Wealth with Real Estate Investments

On this jam-packed episode of Da Fixx, we delve into the world of real estate investment, with licensed real estate investor and author, Page Turner from HGTV’s “Fix My Flip.” She’s revealing how it can be a powerful tool for building financial wealth. On our real talk segment, we have Pastor Dietrick Haddon and First Lady Dominique to discuss kingdom marriage and the infamous 50th birthday twerk video that went viral.

Real Estate Investment: A Path to Building Wealth

We’re thrilled to have Page Turner, a licensed real estate investor with a hit show on HGTV, “Fix My Flip,” joins us today. We’re talking all things real estate as Page shares valuable insights on how to build wealth through real estate and the importance of having a mentor as you learn the business.

HGTV: Challenges & Triumphs in the Industry

As we navigate through our careers, we’ve faced numerous challenges. Doors that didn’t open, the need to ground we in faith, and the constant spiritual battle to stay true to ourselves. Page shares her journey in the TV industry, starting with her first show in Nashville and eventually returning to Los Angeles. She discusses the challenges she faced as a black woman in a predominantly white network and the importance of staying true to her goals while also being herself.

The Importance of Family and Financial Education

We believe in the importance of having both parents in the household and the negative consequences of having multiple children with different mothers. We also share our disagreement with Nick Cannon’s choices in this regard. Transitioning back to real estate, we offer advice on how to get started, including finding a mentor and a realtor, building a team, and sourcing finances. We share personal experiences and lessons learned from our own real estate ventures, emphasizing the need for patience and realism in the real estate market. Our goal is to change the lack of education about building wealth in the black community.

Do you want to learn more about flipping houses? Visit Page Turners Unlimited website for more information on how you can get started in real estate.

Dietrick and Dominique Haddon & the infamous twerk video

We believe in the importance of having fun and enjoying life as believers. Religion often focuses on what people can’t do, but we want to show people what they can do and how they can enjoy themselves. Dietrick emphasize the importance of freedom in relationships and marriages and pray for people to be freed from the oppression and control of religion. Dietrick also shares his new song called “Back to Life” that we encourage you to check out.

The Ideal Partner: Attractive and Loves Jesus

In a marriage, we believe it’s important to find a partner who is physically attractive and loves Jesus. These two qualities are crucial, and everything else can be regained, such as time and money. We encourage you to represent Jesus Christ in your actions and words, reminding you to be mindful of your behavior and to pray against any negative influences.

Remember, the reality of spiritual warfare is real, and we need to stay focused on turning negative situations into positive ones. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Stay focused on kingdom advancement and fix any issues in order to be at peace. Until next time, keep the faith and keep moving forward! Catch us weekday mornings at 6 est. on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM, Channel 154!

Page Turner from HGTV's "Fix My Flip." on building wealth through real estate investment.
As seen on HGTV’s Fix My Flip, host Page Turner poses for a portrait.


Introduction of the spiritual detox segment [00:01:44] The host introduces the topic of the spiritual detox segment, which is about real estate investment and building financial gain.

Discussion on real estate investment and property ownership [00:02:16] The host discusses the various aspects of real estate investment and property ownership, including buying rental property and apartment complexes.

Building Tables and Spiritual Warfare [00:09:24] Page Turner discusses the challenges she faced in her career and the importance of grounding herself in faith.

Starting in TV and Real Estate [00:10:58] Page talks about her journey in television, starting with the show Flip Flop Nashville, and her transition to Fix My Flip.

Challenges in the Industry [00:11:56] Page discusses the challenges she faced as a black woman in the industry, including issues with hair and makeup and navigating cultural dynamics.

The importance of having both parents in the household [00:19:31] Discussion about the need for both parents to be present in a child’s life and the negative impact of having multiple children with different mothers.

Getting started in real estate investment [00:20:59] Advice on how to begin investing in rental properties, including finding a mentor, learning from experienced investors, and building a team.

Being patient and realistic in the real estate market [00:24:09] The importance of being patient and realistic in the real estate market, understanding that properties may not sell immediately, and being aware of market fluctuations.

The Gospel Artists [00:27:52] Discussion about the top gospel artists of all time and their personal favorites.

Celebrating Pastor Dietrich’s Birthday [00:29:38] Talking about Pastor Dietrich’s 50th birthday celebration and the viral photos that were posted.

Showing Affection in Marriage [00:36:03] Exploring the struggle believers have in showing affection and balance in their marriages, and the misconceptions about holiness.

The importance of finding balance [00:37:59] Discusses the idea that too much of anything can become a sin and emphasizes the need for a balanced life.

Negative comments on dancing together [00:40:43] Discussion on the negative comments they received for dancing together and express their belief that the church should lighten up and celebrate love.

Keeping the spark alive in the bedroom [00:45:29] Encourages Kingdom wives to embrace their sexuality and fulfill their husband’s needs in the bedroom, suggesting that they do what they see online.

The importance of freedom in religion [00:47:36] Discussion about the freedom believers should have in enjoying themselves and doing things that make them happy.

Introducing the song “Back to Life” [00:49:07] Announcement of a new song called “Back to Life” and its release on radio.

Discussion about real estate investment [00:51:21] Talking about the guest, Page Turner, her show “Fix My Flip,” and her expertise in real estate investment and property renovation.

The importance of physical attraction and love for Jesus in a marriage [00:56:58] Discussion on the significance of physical attraction and shared faith in a marriage, emphasizing the need for covenant and principles.

Representing Jesus in our daily lives [00:57:21] Encouragement to show the love of Christ and represent Jesus in our actions and words, reminding listeners to be accountable and mindful of their behavior.

Praying against spiritual warfare and staying focused on positive transformation [00:57:41] Highlighting the reality of spiritual warfare and the importance of praying against demonic influences, while urging listeners to focus on transforming negative situations into positive ones.