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“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the CALLED according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28, KJV

On Sunday August 1st, 2010, ministers from far and wide gathered together in Bedford Stuyvesant’s Herbert Von King Park. On this day, they joined forces to touch the hearts of all who had the pleasure of being a witness. But even more importantly, they set the platform for all of us to hear and receive our collaborative call to be a light in neighborhoods such as that of Bedstuy, Brooklyn. These anointed ministers of music basically hit the switch, enabling God to use our fellowship as a way to shed light on the dark streets, and in the hearts of those nearby [Matthew 5:16]. With that said, I’ll get into the night’s details, beginning with the first minister to hit that switch for us all.

Following a profound prayer by Marcus Hall, otherwise known as “Minister Marcus,” we were blessed with our first performance. And first to hit the stage was multi-talented dancer/ emcee Pyro, who is also a former member of the Christian dance troop “Nubian Gents.” Accompanied by his hype man, Pyro succeeded in coming HARD while keeping it holy at the same time.

Next to bring us something special was Jason “Conquest” Roberts, who presented three tracks. His latest single, “Centerstage,” off of the recently released mixtape “Radical Thinking: Vol. 2” reminded us that in the end, God should be the center or focus in our lives. As this message was conveyed, all of the following ministers kept the theme going while representing Christ onstage throughout the entire event. From artists such as Seda, who kept it “Real,” to Heesun Lee, who repped for the “Female Rappers,” this was an event that you just didn’t wanna miss!

And how could we truly have a “Christian Party” without Eric “Campain” Harris and Quason “Q the Prophet” Durant? We couldn’t! They were last but not least in our first set of ministers, who also included Blessed, Daarinah, Paradigm, and Brooke Lugo [Smith], who surprised us with her “Hallelujah” remix featuring MP’s own Glamour, Sincere, and J Skywalker along with Xstatic & Love Da Poet. Now when I say these ministers brought that ‘FIYAH,’ I’m saying the Lord used them to bring down a fire that had the enemy shook in our father’s kitchen! The spiritual food was off the chain, and this was only the beginning!

The 2nd set in our HC lineup began with Richard Dauphin, who “Let’em Know” the truest source of “Life Support” can only be found through salvation. Followed by Jade Goring, Doc Hero, Abigail Hamilton, and many others, this set kept the theme consistent as Malakai Da Truth presented tracks such as “Pray for My City,” and TJ Da Praying Man delivered “Jesus I Trust You.” As the set was concluded with a PHENOMENAL freestyle from Seda, God’s presence was undeniable!

And now onto Dwayne “Slave” Burgess, who presented another surprise from our God with a ‘SICK’ track called “Critical” and the infamous “NO DRINKS!” This brother never ceases to amaze me. But at this year’s Higher Calling, God used him to ASTOUND us all! Some may say he’s out of control, but that’s what God’s called him to do as he goes hard regardless of man’s opinion. Speaking of being “Out of Control,” Jay Cabassa was another to move the crowd for Christ. He ministered with his melodic track and again the presence of God was felt. More heat was brought by VA’s own Hollywood Holly, and by the one and only Light Da Flow Minister. Holly is definitely a “Big Deal” as he reps for the king. As for Light, she’s a BIG BANG THEORY! Deemed the “Queen of Holy Hip Hop,” God used her to put a new spin on everything! .This was the beginning of a shift in the atmosphere, and it was followed by the perfect closing performance and prayer.

Our final item was presented by David “Gauge” Viera, who was another minister to present three tracks. And as he delivered his last song, all other artists were called to join him onstage. “We Praise You” rang true as we concluded our fellowship in unity At this moment, Psalms 133:1 came to life on that stage and all who were present felt God moving. So much so, that Pastor Richard Ishmael, commonly referred to as “Richie Righteous,” was led totally by the spirit in the alter call and his closing prayer. That night, lives were touched and we left a mark through a great movement. But please know that this movement does not start and end with one event. It started in God’s word, and it continues with our prayers. We all have a “Higher Calling” than what may be seen with the physical eye. We are ALL called to service in being a light as our life is a ministry. And beyond one event, in praying for our people. As I reflect on a spectacular gathering, I pray that we all respond to that call with obedience.

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