Activist & Rapper Propaganda: Living an Inspiring Purpose Driven Life

In this episode of Da Fixx, we are talking with Propaganda, a pioneer in faith-infused hip hop and discussing his childhood, faith journey, and the music industry. We also talk about his collective, Terraform Collective, and his upcoming projects. In our real talk segment, we discuss the importance of finding and walking in one’s purpose and how to navigate the journey. Let’s dive in!

A Stellar Experience

Recently, we had the honor of being nominated for two Stellar Awards. Although we didn’t bring home the trophies, the experience was rewarding in itself. Being part of the conversation and receiving support from others in the industry was a humbling experience. It reminded us of the importance of endurance and hard work, values that we strive to uphold in our show.

Celebrating National Days and Our Love for Sour Candy

In one of our recent episodes, we celebrated National Nelson Mandela Day and National Sour Candy Day. We couldn’t help but joke about our love for sour candy and shared some interesting facts about the history of Halloween candy and the popularity of sour candy. It’s these light-hearted moments that make our show unique and enjoyable.

Our Mission: Exposing the Culture to Positive and Relevant Music

Our show’s mission is to expose the culture to positive and relevant music. We were thrilled for our conversation with Propaganda, a pioneer in the history of faith-infused hip hop or Christian rap. We admire his willingness to address topics that many pastors and people of faith shy away from. His radical approach and versatility as an artist are truly inspiring.

A Conversation with Propaganda

During our interview with Propaganda, we delved into his childhood, his faith journey, and how these experiences influence his music and lifestyle. Growing up in a household with a black panther father, discussions about social issues were normal for him. His education and exposure to different black leaders shaped his perspective, which is evident in his music.

Propaganda also shared his thoughts on the state of hip hop, appreciating the fusion aspect of the genre. He reminisced about the old days where finding and recording music required effort and dedication. He also discussed his collective, the Terraform Collective, and their venture into the coffee business with Terraform Cold Brew.

Walking in One’s Purpose

In our show, we often discuss the importance of finding and walking in one’s purpose. We believe that being in purpose brings blessings and God’s favor. We shared insights from “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren, a book that offers a 40-day personal spiritual journey to discover God’s purpose for one’s life. We emphasized the need to study and dig deeper into spiritual teachings, not just relying on the Bible alone.

The Trials and Triumphs of Being Raised Up by God

We also reflected on the challenges and trials that come with being raised up by God. These tests of faith are necessary for God to see if we are listening, worthy, and obedient. We highlighted the importance of gratitude for being included in God’s plan and acknowledged that trials and tribulations are also part of the process of being raised up.

The Impact of Our Show

Our show started with minimal equipment in our garage, but through God’s faithfulness and guidance, we have been able to elevate the show every year. We are now broadcasting from the Sirius studio in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We attribute our success to being in purpose and pushing kingdom music to impact and change lives.

To connect with Propaganda, visit his website and stay up to date. Are you and artist or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture Artist Resource page for information on submitting music to radio and tips on navigating the music industry. Thank you for tuning in and God bless.

Activist and Rapper, Propaganda living the purpose driven life
Propaganda on stage


God’s Wave, Not People’s Wave [00:03:40] Discussion about the 2023 Stellar Awards and attribute it to riding God’s wave, not people’s wave.

Elevating the Show [00:00:57] Conversation about their show’s growth and how it has been recognized by artists, business moguls, and pastors who have prophesied their upcoming success.

Propaganda as a Guest [00:08:11] Teasing Propaganda, a poet, artist, musician, and activist, will be their guest and discuss topics such as social injustice and his new project.

Hip Hop Turns 50 [00:09:04] Discussion about the history and influence of hip hop, including faith-infused hip hop and Christian rap.

Introduction of Propaganda [00:09:59] Introducing Propaganda, a talented hip hop artist known for his radical and outspoken views on various topics.

Faith Journey and Music [00:13:36] Exploring Propaganda’s upbringing in a black family with a mix of gangsters and preachers, his connection to church, and the influence of faith in his music.

The state of hip hop [00:20:02] Discussion on the fusion aspect of hip hop and the necessity of slow cooking music and open mics.

The Terraform Collective [00:22:59] Introduction to the Terraform Collective, a book of poetry and short stories, accompanied by four EPs with different sounds.

Advice for aspiring artists [00:26:31] The importance of discipline, tenacity, and patience in pursuing a career in music.

The importance of persistence and discipline [00:27:25] The importance of persistence and discipline in the music industry, comparing it to planting landmines and waiting for one to pop.

Balancing industry and ministry in Christian hip hop [00:28:33] The discussion revolves around whether Christian hip hop is more industry or ministry-driven, with the speaker expressing that it is a combination of both.

Differentiating personal desires from God’s purpose [00:34:56] The topic explores the idea that God’s purpose may be different from our personal desires, emphasizing the need to align ourselves with God’s will and not just seek personal success.

The purpose driven life [00:37:22] Discussion about the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren and its impact on the speaker’s life.

Being in purpose [00:38:33] Exploration of the idea that being in purpose brings blessings and favor from God, and the importance of finding purpose in one’s profession.

Raised up for God’s purpose [00:40:00] Reflection on personal experiences of being raised up for God’s purpose, understanding that everything done is for God’s glory, and the importance of staying in one’s purpose.

The testing of our faith [00:46:57] Discussion about the purpose of challenges and trials in our lives as a way for God to test our faith and determine our worthiness.

Learning through different methods [00:47:52] Speaker 2 talks about how people learn differently and the various ways in which individuals process information and experiences.

Finding purpose through storms and trials [00:50:15] Sharing personal experiences of going through storms and trials, which ultimately led them to discover their purpose and understand God’s faithfulness.

The impact of their show [00:56:19] Discussion about the impact of their radio show on people who need hope and inspiration, especially those going through depression and suicidal states.

The importance of an authentic relationship with Jesus [00:57:08] Encouragement to stop being hypocritical and watered-down believers, and to dive in and submit oneself to God for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

The purpose of being raised up by God [00:59:38] Reflection on the purpose of being raised up by God and how it is not about personal success or wealth, but about glorifying God’s name and being used by Him for His purpose.