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Holy Culture welcomes “Antidote TV”

Published on July 2, 2012

The Antidote Television Show was created out of a passion for reaching young people with the timeless truths of the Gospel of Christ. With its headquarters in Pensacola, Florida on the edge of the Gulf Coast; the Antidote is committed to two concepts: 1. Christ is the cure for culture and 2. Conversations create fertile ground for change. ATS uses a unique, open format that promotes authenticity and just being real. We encourage realness because our God is a real healer of real hearts and minds. May we use the Antidote wisely.

The Antidote Television Show promotes and firmly believes that Christ is the cure for culture. But without a proper conduit for His saving power to flow in, this mission statement is simply a statement. Through television show episodes, interactive media presentations, interviews and cultural reviews; the Lord has graciously allowed ATS to create an urban Christian presence in the Gulf Coast area. However, while our hearts bleed for this area, we believe that the message of the Antidote is transcendent for the entire movement. With this in mind, under the leading of the Lord, the Antidote Television Show is pleased to announce a strategic ministry partnership with Holy Culture. We have long-recognized Holy Culture as one of the most influential, impacting organizations in our movement, and their impact has extended to our personal lives as well. Through this partnership, ATS will be able to bring the Holy Culture audience unique ministry content, conversation starters, behind the scenes interviews, on-site media coverage and so much more. We are excited because this partnership is a no-brainer natural fit. Without the Antidote (Jesus Christ), there truly can be no Holy Culture. We look forward to peppering these outlets with the unashamed Gospel and stories of real young people with real issues serving a real God. We humbly ask you to follow us (, pray for us and work with us as we reach this generation for Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Tyler Burns (Host of ATS)

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