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Atlanta/New York. March 22, 2010. Holy Hip Hop Radio, the longest-running globally-syndicated radio program of its type, announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Holla-Fest Radio. The terms of the alliance provide generally for close collaboration on Holy Hip Hop Radio show production elements including but not limited to: music, interviews, special segments and Good News. Holy Hip Hop Radio is globally-syndicated weekly in 104 metropolitan areas worldwide, since 1999.

“Joining forces today with Pastors Alex & Ibelize Pagani (Pastors and Producers) is a timely blessing and special bless-outs and thanks again to the entire Global Gospel and Holy Hip Hop community for your prayers, blessings and support over the past 11 years and to all of those who have labored and continue to labor in furtherance of the Mission to take the Gospel to the Streets. Street Ministry Evangelism is not easy and never will be, and it remains a special privilege to be able to share this radio music ministry that we have been blessed to be stewards over for so long,” said Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a “Da Preachin Puerto Rican”). Galatians 6:9. Amen.

About Holy Hip Hop Radio:  Based in Atlanta and hosted by eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican), Since 1999, Holy Hip Hop Radio remains today as the longest running globally-syndicated weekly radio show of its type consistently providing FM and AM radio affiliates nationwide with powerful and uplifting holy hip hop trax and bangin beats, combined with news, interviews and uplifting fellowship and ministry with over 2000 hours of programming produced to date. For more information, go to:

About Holla-Fest Radio:  Holla-Fest Radio is a LIVE, HUMOROUS & UNEDITED Gospel Radio Station hosted by Preach Dat Fire & Sista Shorty Blaze (Pastors Alex & Ibelize Pagani) in New York. Pastor Alex Pagani along with his wife (Ibelize Pagani), for the past seven (7) years, have served as Senior Pastors and Founders of He Is Risen Tabernacle located in Bronx, NY. For more information, go to: |

About eDDie Velez: eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican) has been featured on national media such as, BET, CBS – The Early Show, FOX, PBS and C-SPAN. In January of 2002, eDDie Velez was invited by the late Coretta Scott King to be a guest speaker at the Annual Martin Luther King Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. In front of many dignitaries, including the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Laura Bush, he gave a compelling speech on how Dr. King’s vision cannot die within the Hip Hop Culture.

eDDie Velez currently hosts the nationally syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show syndicated worldwide by Superadio, as well as the Holy Hip Hop Music Awards, aired worldwide on JC-TV (TBN Affiliate) in over 10 million homes. eDDie also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop, an organization that focuses on ministering the Gospel to the Hip Hop culture. Eddie Velez is bilingual, speaking both fluent English and Spanish.

About Superadio: Superadio is a producer and distributor of marquis radio programs in a variety of formats including Urban, Urban Adult, Gospel, Mainstream Top 40, Rhythmic, Talk, Country, Hot AC, Rock, Dance, Alternative and Oldies.

Since 1988, Superadio has boasted a line-up of personalities second to none including Wendy Williams, The Wendy Williams Experience; Joe Cortez, Retro Pop Reunion; John Garabedian and Kane, Open House Party; Ace and TJ, The Ace and TJ Morning Show, Steve and DC, The Steve and DC Morning Show, Ken Cooper, Retro Country USA; PK, PK’s Playhouse; Derrick Jonzun, Lost in the 80’s; BeBe Winans, The BeBe Winans Radio Show; Romeo, Romeo’s Playhouse; Jay Gordon, Elvis Only; Terry Bello, The Soul Lounge; R-Dub!, Sunday Night Slow Jams, Holy Hip Hop Radio. In total, Superadio has over 40 radio programs airing on radio stations across the country. For more information, go to:

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