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Play it or Spray it… Spin it or End it… It’s a hit or it’s a miss. Whatever the catch-phrase you use, should we use it (do it) in Gospel radio? Should Christian radio personalities put Gospel artists’ music on the proverbial chopping-block for their listeners to decide if the music is hot or if it’s not? Does it unite or does it divide the Body? WWJD? Would Jesus Kiss it or Diss it? Tune into this episode of Honor & Glory Radio as G-Wade chops it up with Gospel artist Euclid Gray who talks about one of his song being “dissed” on Gospel radio. WWYD? It’s ministry, music & more!

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Show Name: Honor & Glory Radio

Episode: Honor & Glory Radio – Euclid Gray 07/30/11


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**Honor & Glory Radio Intro
1. Ambassador feat. Tonic – Honor & Glory
2. Applejaxx feat. Trini – Go Hard
**Honor & Glory Radio Shout-outs
1. Isaac Caree – Simply Redeemed
2. VaShawn Mitchell – Nobody Great Than You
3. Jenelle Coleman feat. G-Wade – You Alone
**Y.M.O. City News
–Commercial Break
1. Mark J – Marvelous Light
2. Three60 – New Me
**God Got Jokes Too Comedy
1. R-Swift – I Pray
2. Angelic Tucker – Rebuild
**Honor & Glory Radio Birthday Shout-outs
–Commercial Break
1. Willie Will – Drinkin’
**Euclid Gray Interview
1. Euclid Gray – To The City
**Your Place In The Kingdom w/Pastor Calvin Tibbs
1. Fred Hammond – You Are My Dwelling Place
**Honor & Glory Radio Wrap-up


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