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Honor & Glory Radio – Godz Messenger Interview 03/19/11

I’ve got pros in different area codes! There comes a time in one’s life when the womanizing, the bed-hoppin’ and the lust for women after women just becomes… well it just gets exhausting. And it doesn’t make it any easier when God gets a hold of your heart. We all know that there are some things that comes with being in a national recording group, with a major record deal, flying from city to city, stage after stage – one in which includes the stage of Soul Train – but that’s exactly what happened to this R&B singer from the hit 90’s group Finest Hour. But how do you just walk away from the fame, the fortune and the limelight? You can’t. Only God can give you the strength you need to say no to the lure that comes with fame. Tune into this episode of Honor & Glory Radio as G-Wade chops it up with Boston native Jamal Seymour aka Godz Messenger. He discusses those trappings of fame and what made him want to get into the music business. Here’s a hint, it involved a legendary group and a scooter. Listen close because the devil don’t want yall to hear this! It’s ministry, music & more!

Honor & Glory Radio – Godz Messenger Interview 03/19/11

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Honor & Glory Radio – Godz Messenger Interview 03/19/11

Honor & Glory Radio Show List

**Honor & Glory Radio Intro

Marvin Sapp – He Has His Hands On You
Lecrae – Far Away
**Honor & Glory Radio Shout-outs

Big Fil feat. R-Swift – Hard Body
Cam – My Flash
Young Joshua feat. K-Drama, Level 3:16, Chris T, Stv. G – Same Movement
**Y.M.O. City News

–Commercial Break

**God Got Jokes Too Comedy

Big Fil feat. R-Swift – Hard Body
Deitrick Haddon – Reppin’ the Kingdom
**Honor & Glory Radio Birthday Shout-outs

–Commercial Break

Jamal Seymour aka Godz Messenger – Where Is Your Soul Going
**God Messenger Interview

Jamal Seymour aka Godz Messenger – In The Storm
**Your Place In The Kingdom w/Pastor Calvin Tibbs

Kee Kee Ross – I Am Woman
**Honor & Glory Radio Wrap-up

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