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Girl, no she didn’t wear that outfit to church… she must not be saved! Yo, he pulled up to the church bumpin’ that secular music… he can’t be a Christian! A lot of Christians spend most of their time deciding for God who is and who isn’t going to make it into Heaven; but in this episode of Honor & Glory Radio, G-Wade poetically addresses the issue on how we behold the mote in our brother’s eye but ignore the beam in our own. Get ready to get your soul-clap on! It’s ministry, music & more!

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Honor & Glory Radio – Here Comes The Judge 05/15/10

Honor & Glory Radio Show List

**Honor & Glory Radio Intro

  1. 21.03 – All I Do Is Win RMX
  2. Lisa McClendon – Immabeme   

**Honor & Glory Radio Shout-outs

  1. Future – Can’t Wait  
  2. N.I.F.T.Y. – Sex

**Y.M.O. City News

–Commercial Break

  1. Jenelle Coleman feat. G-Wade – You Alone
  2. Da T.R.U.T.H. – Lost
  3. Mahogany Jones – Keep On
  4. Christopher – Yes

**Honor & Glory Radio Birthday Shout-outs

–Commercial Break

  1. Slave – Drinks RMX

**Here Comes The Judge

**Your Place In The Kingdom w/Pastor Calvin Tibbs

  1. Mary Mary – Can’t Give Up Now
  2. Peculiar Image – Can’t Quit

**Honor & Glory Radio Wrap-up

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