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Honor & Glory Radio – What Do You Believe? 04/30/11

I believe in this… I believe in that… but what do you believe? What if everything you believed in turned out to be… well, not quite the full story? Would you believe it even if you didn’t read it in the Bible? In this episode of Honor & Glory Radio, G-Wade and Deacon Dirty chop it up about some of the recent accounts of UFO sitings and paranormal activity. So, what do you believe?  It’s a natural question that only a Super-natural God can answer. It’s ministry, music & more!

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Honor & Glory Radio – What Do You Believe? 04/30/11

Honor & Glory Radio Show List
**Honor & Glory Radio Intro
1. Canton Jones – The Password
2. Big Fil feat. DG & IV Hisson – My Rescue
**Honor & Glory Radio Shout-outs
1. Corey Red & Precise – No Grey Lines
2. Believin Stephen – Jenny’s Story
3. Damita – Torn Up
**Y.M.O. City News
–Commercial Break
**God Got Jokes Too Comedy
1. Milliyon – Hey You
2. Flame – See More Him
3. Trini – Go
**Honor & Glory Radio Birthday Shout-outs
–Commercial Break
1. Tragedy feat. Shei Atkins
2. Sean Simmonds – Spectacular
**What Do You Believe?
**Your Place In The Kingdom w/Pastor Calvin Tibbs
1. Shantell Morrisette – Now I See
**Honor & Glory Radio Wrap-up

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