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This week on The Nifty Christian Radio Show Nifty and Kay C take on the arguements presented by non-believers about the validity of the Bible; which is, how can one trust the contents of the Bible if it is not in it’s ‘original’ language and has gone through so many different changes over the years? Tune in to see how Nifty and Kay C respond with all worship music. Enjoy!


The Nifty Christian Radio Show – Worship Edition Playlist

The More-Talk Hour
Kirk Franklin – Keep Your Head to the Sky
JR – Never Lose
Donnie McClurkin – Holy
Tyshan Knight – One Touch
George Huff – You Know Me

The More-Music Hour
Mary Mary – Get Up
Dietrick Hadden – Where you Are
Canton Jones – G.O.D.
B.R.U.T.H.A. – Breathe On Me
Tye Tribbet – Everything
Dietrick Hadden – The Word
Sean Simmons – Wherever
B.R.U.T.H.A. – Oh Happy Day
Bebe & Cece Winans – Close to You
Kirk Franklin – Let it Go

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