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This week on The Nifty Christian Radio Nifty & Kay C discuss break ups and how Christians should deal with them.


* What is the best way to cope with a break up?

* Nifty & Kay C discuss the spiritual and psychological effects of a major break up

* Nifty & Kay C provide 3 coping Steps

* Interview with Nicole ‘Faithful’ Franklin


The More-Talk Hour

Promise – It Ain’t You
Nifty & Kay C explain why they don’t ‘quote’ scripture/introduce topic
Dietrick Haddon- I’m Alive
Nifty & Kay C describe step 1 in handling rough break ups
B.R.U.T.H.A. – Who is This?
Nifty & Kay C describes steps 2 and 3 in dealing with break ups
Tedashii – Gotta Believe
Mikel Anthony – Beautiful Day

The More-Music Hour

Nicole Franklin ft. Dennis Clark – He’s Coming
Nifty & Kay C talk about the great adultery debate
Nicole Franklin – Beautiful
Nicole Franklin – The Greatest
Interview with Nicole Faithful Franklin pt.1
Nicole Franklin – Purpose and Destiny
Interview with Nicole Faithful Franklin pt. 2
Reason – Lack the Reaon
N.I.F.T.Y. ft. Jessica Jones – Hope (Renewed)
Nifty & Kay C say goodbye
Tyshan Knight – One Touch

Any additional thoughts or ideas? Hit us up on the studio line 1 877 44 NIFTY

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