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hype-logo-4-W_ITunes1 Interview in the first segment with Lil Prophet.

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Playlist: JIN – When The Lights Come On feat. Joseph Vincent
Thi’sl – Money Money Money
Lil Prophet – Heart of Courage
Lil Prophet – Revolution
Andy Mineo – Michael Jackson Feat. This’l, Rich Perez, R-Swift and Bubba Watson
116 Clique – Authority
Nick Foulks – Glimpse of Home
Andy Mineo – Hands High
Black Knight – Bibles In The Air
High Like Crazy (@ChozynBoy Remix) ft. Lecrae, Suzy Rock, Sho Baraka
Relikis – Oooo Weee
Bizzle & Bumps Inf – The Motto
B. Reith – Simple Days
Applejaxx – Nonstop (ft. KJ 52)
Andy Mineo – Next Episode (ft. Sheena Lee)
Seda & Malakai – Notis (JahRock’n)
Creature Clan – What’s it Gonna Be? (Ft. Pdub & Mr. G Reality)
Domingo Guyton – Holy Ghost (Ft. Disciple)
Rawsrvnt – Bows Up (Ft. Pettidee)
Lecrae – Black Rose
KB – Go Off
Gideons Army – Mainstream
Flame – Try Me (Featuring Young Noah)
Jadee Lamez – The Facade (feat. K-Drama)
RMG – New One

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