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Heeeeeeeey!  I’m sitting here in the living room with the house to myself typing on my new Macbook while watching the final seconds of the Celtics Vs. Heat game!  Paul Pierce just missed the buzzer beater, so now it’s overtime, 100-100.  Ironically, I just listened to the “D Wade On Em” remix by Dre Marshall & Cheno Lyfe!  It’s definitely a banger.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a lil while.  Life has been crazy since Friday.


Friday I was on planes all day without a laptop and I can’t text fast enough on my Blackberry to leave a nice blog.  I had to rap in Virginia Beach.  It was a great concert!  God was truly glorified.  However, I was sad b/c out of the 50 people I invited, only 3 showed up 🙁  Thank God mass other people came so it was a good crowd.  The Pastor bought all the BoomBaptisms I had left.  I definitely was happy about that.

After the show, I went out to Denny’s with the Believer’s House crew, Scott Lane (he was on Serious Series Vol. 3), & DJ Noble from The Current FM.  All the Denny’s in Cincinnati shut down years ago, so anytime I get a chance to eat at Denny’s, I definitely take advantage.


By the time I got done,  it was 3:30am.  I slept for 1 hour and a half, then it was time to get on my 6:15 am flight.    I flew into Louisville (about 1 hour and a half away from Cincinnati) and drove home.  I had a studio session with some Christian rap artist from Troy, OH (close to Dayton) and then Charde & I had to minister at this church LITERALLY NEXT DOOR TO OUR APARTMENT!  It took us 24 seconds to walk to the church from our doorstep.  The church is in my hood.  I know a lot of teens in the hood b/c of our basketball ministry.  So I sent a massive text to about 6 people and my Pastor (who also lives in my hood).  Out of all the people I invited, 14 people came (huh?  What kinda math you doing?).  Most of the people came that I invited and brought their friends!  WAS I GEEKED!!!  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!  I love my hood.  My ministry is needed right in my hood 🙂  And they was all getting mad crunk to “Air Jordan.”


Sunday we had potluck at church.  The food was spectacular.  Carrot cake was to live for!  We then went to a birthday party for Charde and I’s friend’s daughter.  It was at a gymnastic center.  The babies had fun.


I downloaded Ableton Live 7 and fell in love.  I bought a midi controller and made my first beat on software.  I’m going to keep my hardware and combine it with my software 🙂  My dude Remy (1st rapper on “UseAWhat”) recorded his testimonial song titled “Homeless.”   It’s about how he was homeless for years and how God has brought him out of it and is still bringing his family out.  He’s been through a lot to only be 18.  Expect great things from him.


So on Tuesday I hear Sho Baraka’s version of “Air Jordan” titled “Kobe Bryant On Em”  That’s a crazy song right their.  He’s so lyrical without even trying.  I praise God for him and am so honored that he wanted to do something to the Air Jordan beat.  Since then, 3 other people have expressed interest in remixing it including Dre Marshall, Fab the Eclectic (he’s trying to get FITI FUTURISTIC ON IT!  That would be soooooo dope!), and Applejaxx!  I really am trying to make history.  Is “Air Jordan” to Christian Rap what “A Milli” is to the world (and most Christian Rappers, lol)?  I really hope more Christian Rap artist make their instrumentals available so that people won’t feel like they gotta rap over industry beats.

I had a studio session with a female singer name Tonia Gray.  She’s a beast!  She’s making great music and has a huge heart for God.


I’m sooooo tired.  I’ve been grindin none stop.  I woke up at 8am to go to the Community Action Agency to see if they could help me with my Gas and Electric because I got a bill saying I owe Duke Energy $3,601 dollars (loooooooong story)!  I just wanted to be able to split this and pay it in 6 months instead of paying it all at 1 time.  They granted my request!  Thank God.

I had a 5 hour studio session with Charde.  We got our mom to babysit, ate at Fatburger and then we picked up Darris so that he could sing background on Charde’s song.  This is the 1st song we’ve started recording for the album, so it’s exciting!  The beat is sooooooo live!  Our cousin Andre Jones made it!  It compliments Charde well.  The session was  a great session.

I dropped Darris off 20 minutes away, Charde off 20 minutes another way, and then had to drive 30 minutes back to my hood for basketball ministry.  I was 1 hour and a half late but my Pastor forgave me.  We got some good basketball in, and then I had to drop 5 kids off.  The kids are really starting to look up to me I thinnk.  Every week I give the kids who don’t have my music free CDs.   Though I don’t get paid money for them, I get something much bigger than that.  I get hope that a seed is being planted during the listening session 🙂

Now I am on this couch.  Celtics won.  Time to watch LOST and then get LOST in my bed and drift away, dreaming about how God will use me next!

Signing off!



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