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Yeah ya’ll, its ya boy DJ Eklectic, sorry I haven’t been on, I’ve been very busy. I’m gonna work on bloggin more often.

So onward to the topic of why I wish I was a secular DJ, before somebody gets angry at me and puts me on blast let me explain where I’m coming from. This has nothing to do with the message behind the music, I, like a lot of people, hate the message being put forth in secular music, especially the top 40. But I do see something in secular music that I don’t see in Christian Hip Hop, although to be fair things are getting better. Support for the DJ, I hear rappers give love to the DJs all the time and thats awesome, but one thing we really need is instrumentals and  a capellas!

I’m blessed to be a part of two mix shows, CLE Radio here on HolyCulture & Real Talk Radio on Picking songs for the shows is always a tough task because there is a lot of good stuff out there! I get a lot of music through the Kingdom Affiliate Record Pool and other sources. To be honest though, a lot of hot tracks don’t get played because I don’t have a way to mix them. I understand that rappers are on a platform and have a lot they want to say. But if you talk on your track from beginning to end and i have no way to mix your track in you probably won’t get played. I’m not saying that every track on your project has to have an instrumental or 8 bars of the beat at the beginning or end. But if you come out with a single it would be very beneficial for you and helpful for the DJs if we had some way to mix it.

I was chopping it up with a label owner about this, and one thing he told me is “There was a time when we weren’t organized enough to be doing that”. I get that and thats cool, but I think overall in HHH there is a lack of support for DJs as far as mixing goes. This is not a blog 2 put anyone on blast or 2 hate on anyone but just pointing to a place where the genre can be improved.

A few of artists I’d like to shout out for hooking DJs up(and i know these are the only ones), CLE(Pro, Andale, Kingston), Mark J, theBREAX, Sean Slaughter, Kaboose, & Tre9. I know there’s more out there, thank u 2 all those who are.

If u got any questions, comments, whatever hit ya boy up @

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