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I’m so tired of being busy, aren’t you? From the time I get out of bed to the time I lay down I’m doing stuff. Sorry, I’ll call you tomorrow, I’m busy. I’ll return your email in 4 days, too busy. Can’t chill tonight fam, busy. Anybody who is my personal friend has felt my busy wrath.

And what am I busy doing? Ministry, business, school, family, surfing, promoting, politicking? Yes. Sometimes I think we busy our lives so that we can seem important. If I am always doing something, I must be a very important person, right? Or maybe I am genuinely involved in many things because I do not like just sitting around. Or maybe I am a procrastinator, always playing catch up to the things I should have done yesterday (ok, now you really know too much about me)?

I do think this is better than being lazy (which I despise), but it is not a healthy way to live…spiritually or naturally. Naturally, always being on the run, not getting rest, and eating Hardees thick burgers every night, (1800 calories anyone?) aint fresh.

Spiritually, it can devastate you. Not communing with God regularly will leave you confused, desperate, and unsatisfied. Not to mention, we might be busy doing things God never intended for us to do. I know what this feels like first hand.

I’ve found myself doing alot of good things, but not the greatest things. Think about it, wouldn’t you want to do 3 great things with all of your energy versus 7 good things with half the energy?

So, if you email me about this blog, I’ll probably get back to you in a few days or if you call me be prepared to wait longer. But don’t fret; give me some time to shave off the good stuff to do the great stuff Christ has prepared for me.**

by: Sean Slaughter

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