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Impilo: The Journey of Two Artists

Published on September 1, 2010

Impilo is a movement dedicated to being a leading voice within global youth culture. So many leading voices in youth culture are extremely effective at conveying messages that go against that which brings true life and fulfillment.

Impilo is the zulu word for “life” and our mission is to harness talented artists as well as excellent and responsible media for the purpose of conveying true life. We believe that true life can only be found through Christ.

Ndumiso Mafu (co-founder) grew up in Detroit, Michigan and South Africa. After spending time in both countries, Mafu noticed how similar they were and decided to implement the idea of Impilo in South Africa first.

According to Mafu, “Impilo is involved in partnering with artists all over the world who share its vision. We are committed to providing such artists with various levels of exposure within multiple mainstream settings for the purpose of being a voice of encouragement to those who have given up on God.”

The upcoming tease is a prelude to a miniseries that documents the journey of two artists (Propaganda & DJ Promote) who, through Impilo, visited South Africa to experience firsthand what being a leading voice within youth culture is all about.

Stay tuned to (coming soon) & for more information.


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