Is Interracial Dating the Cure for Racism? An Honest Conversation with Craig Lamar Brown.

I am excited to share with you an insightful conversation I had with Craig Lamar Brown, a writer, producer, and director of the faith-based film “Between Mercy and Me.” I had the pleasure of discussing a range of topics with Craig, from his journey in filmmaking to racism, racial reconciliation and interracial dating. In our real talk segment, Dice and I discuss the urgency of the Church’s need to aid in combating homelessness and supporting those in Foster Care.

A Celebration of Christian Hip Hop

Before we dive into our conversation with Craig, Dice and I would like to share our recent experiences at the 1K Phew Bash in Atlanta. We were thrilled by the performances of various Christian hip hop artists, including well-known artists like Lecrae and Willie Moore Jr. The event was a testament to the unity and positivity within the Christian hip hop community, debunking the stereotype that believers can’t have fun without indulging in negative behaviors.

Craig Lamar Brown: A Visionary in Faith-Based Filmmaking Tackles Racism

My conversation with with the writer director, was a deep dive into his journey as a filmmaker. Craig shared how he transitioned from being a software developer to pursuing his passion for storytelling. He emphasized the importance of having a vision for his family and wanting to lead them well. His path to success in filmmaking, he believes, has been guided by God’s timing and favor.

Mental Health and the Journey to Success

We also touched on the topic of mental health. Craig shared how he maintains his mental health while juggling various responsibilities. He also discussed his motivation for making “Between Mercy and Me,” a film that tackles the conversation of racial reconciliation and the perspective of a black male lead.

Addressing Church Segregation and Racial Reconciliation

Our conversation then shifted to the ongoing issue of church segregation. Craig expressed his hope for more unification in the church around the topic of racial reconciliation. He believes that films and other tools can help carry the conversation and take steps towards progress.

The Church’s Response to Homelessness and Foster Care

Dice and I also discussed our passion for helping the homeless and those in foster care. We shared personal stories and emphasized the importance of encouragement and support for individuals in need. I shared his perspective on the unhoused epidemic and the importance of the church’s role in caring for those affected. He emphasized the need for compassion and understanding towards those who are impacted and the importance of addressing mental health issues among the population.

The Importance of Adoption and Foster Care

We also touched on the church’s response to foster care and adoption, highlighting the need for more loving parents to step forward. We emphasized the need for prayer and seeking guidance from God when considering adoption, as it is a lifelong commitment to care for the child.

Serving Others: A Christian Calling

We believe that serving others is a calling for Christians. We encouraged our listeners to step out of their comfort zones, go to the inner city, and serve those in need. We suggested various ways to serve, including donating items like tents, rugs, and water, and asked listeners to ask people what they need and provide it.

Remembering Pastor Timothy James Keller

We also reflected on the recent passing of Pastor Timothy James Keller, a highly respected pastor, theologian, and author. We encouraged our listeners to check out his books and emphasized the importance of sharing one’s gifts with others.

For more information on Craig Lamar Brown’s, “Between Mercy and Me,” visit the website. And if you or someone you know is an artist, visit the Holy Culture Artist Resource Page for information on submitting music to radio and tips on navigating the music industry. Until next time, God Bless.

Is Interracial Dating the Cure for Racism? An Honest Conversation with Craig Lamar Brown.
Craig Lamar Brown and wife Caitlin Brown-Brown
Is Interracial Dating the Cure for Racism? An Honest Conversation with Craig Lamar Brown.
Between Mercy and Me crew


The 1K Phew Bash in Atlanta [00:00:34] The hosts discuss their experience at the 1K Phew Bash in Atlanta, highlighting the performances and the positive atmosphere of the event.

The Spiritual Detox with Craig Lamar Brown [00:05:47] The hosts introduce the special guest, a writer, producer, and director of the faith-based film “Between Mercy and Me,” and discuss the film’s themes of gentrification, social injustice, and interracial dating from a faith perspective.

The Church’s Response to Homelessness and Foster Care [00:05:47] The hosts mention a upcoming segment on the church’s response to helping the unhoused and finding loving homes for children in foster care, discussing the importance of addressing these issues.

The importance of family and having a vision [00:09:51] The speaker discusses the significance of family and the importance of having a vision for one’s marriage and family.

How the speaker got into directing and writing for film [00:12:32] The guest shares their passion for the arts and how they transitioned from acting to writing and directing films.

Mental health and self-care practices [00:16:59] The speaker talks about exercise, meditation, and observing a Sabbath as ways to maintain their mental health and well-being.

The church’s division and lack of unity [00:21:15] Discusses how the church was divided after a terrible event, the lack of healthy conversation, and the need for unity.

Hope for unification in the church [00:25:05] Expresses hope for inner city and suburban churches to find common ground and unity, despite the challenges and echo chambers.

Tackling racial reconciliation through a love story [00:27:20] Explains the decision to include a love story between a black man and white women in the film to address racial barriers, using music as a universal connector.

The church’s response to homelessness and foster care [00:35:31] Discussion on the passion to help the unhoused persons and foster care, personal experiences, and the importance of encouragement and support.

Encountering a disrespectful incident towards an unhoused person [00:39:26] Narration of a personal experience witnessing a disrespectful incident towards an unhoused person and intervening to offer support and understanding.

Personal commitment to helping the homeless [00:41:07] Sharing a personal commitment to helping the unhoused, including joining outreach ministries and future plans to continue helping after retirement.

The church’s responsibility to the homeless [00:45:50] Discussion on the church’s role in taking care of unhoused persons and the need for support and compassion.

The importance of serving and giving back [00:47:50] Emphasis on the importance of Christians actively serving in ministries that give back to the community, including feeding and supporting those who are unhoused.

The peace of God vs. material possessions [00:49:02] Reflection on the value of having a relationship with God and experiencing His peace, even in difficult circumstances, over the pursuit of material wealth and possessions.

The process of caring for foster children [00:52:35] Discussion about the process and challenges of caring for children from abusive households or with mental health issues.

Creating a space for unhoused persons [00:54:12] Exploring the concept of providing shelter and resources for the homeless, including a church in Georgia that allows unhoused individuals to stay overnight and provides them with basic necessities.

The importance of showing love and serving the poor [00:57:36] Emphasizing the need for action and compassion towards the poor, discussing statistics on homelessness in Cleveland and Chicago, and highlighting the role of mental health in addressing homelessness.

The blessing of helping others [01:02:11] Discussion on the blessings that come from helping others and the importance of serving those in need.

The uncomfortable nature of serving [01:03:03] Exploration of the discomfort that can come from serving others and the need to step out of comfort zones to make a difference.

The need to serve and give more [01:04:08] Encouragement to serve others in various ways, including providing essential items and meeting specific needs, and the impact it can have on changing lives.

The life and work of Pastor Timothy James Keller [01:11:01] Discussion about the accomplishments and impact of Pastor Timothy James Keller, including his books and the founding of Redeemer Church.

The importance of education and reading [01:12:26] Highlighting the value of education and reading, particularly in relation to Pastor Timothy James Keller’s writings and the need to continue educating ourselves.

Upcoming topics: Spiritual detox and consistency [01:13:11] Teasing the next episode’s topics, which include a spiritual detox and a conversation about the importance of consistency in various areas of life.