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If someone took a poll asking about the birthplace of hip hop, most people definitely would not say the south. But, for veteran rapper Alex Faith, that’s exactly where his connection to hip hop started.

Drawn in by artists, like T.I, OutKast, Big Boy and Bubba Sparks, who were actually talking about things that were going on in his hometown of Atlanta, GA., Alex admits that, “After awhile I started to think, ‘Wow these rappers are talking about me, this is me and my life.’ So they made me want to become a rapper.” Eventually that influence would “translate to us wanting the same things that they talked about…like money, drugs, gold teeth etc.” But these days, Faith’s connection to and need for Jesus is what listeners hear through his raps. “…If you want to talk about cars or rims, money, or women, I’ll say, ‘Yes I talk about those things but I do it in a way that brings life.’”

Being raised in the south may have shaped Alex Faith’s personality, but being re-born in Christ cemented the transparency he has become known for, especially from previous releases such as “Honest to God” and “WLAK.” On his debut album, “ATLast,” Alex continues to share his faith in Christ while embracing who he is- southern roots and all. Faith is focused on, “using that part of me as a catalyst for the gospel to be able to share with folks who have a similar experience…someone may be going through what I went through and then I get to show them that there is hope through Jesus, that was the best solution that I’ve experienced.”

Alex Faith has a passion to remain authentic. “I want people that listen to my music to know that I will never lie to them or try to put up a front…I try to promote a lifestyle that’s submitted to Christ, serves His church, and leads to life in Jesus.” With a strong sense of purpose, Faith declares that his mission is, “to say that Jesus and the lifestyle He has promoted and wants us to live is in submission to Him, and repentance and faith in Him leads to life.” And after years of actually submitting his life to Christ, Alex can now see that, “the lifestyle that these rappers promote- going to the club getting high and drunk, objectifying women and worshipping created things, will ultimately led to death and separation from God forever…that’s the kind of mentality that I want to have and try to promote in my music.” Music that very clearly falls under the genre of rap; yet, as Alex puts it, “I can honestly say, ‘Yes that’s what I do’…but I do it in a way that is opposing. This is not to say I don’t like big cars, I do. But, I will not worship them. I love my neighborhood but I will not worship that place. I have a place up in Heaven that Jesus has paid for with His own blood. So all these types of things are the same things that other rappers are talking about but I come into it with a different perspective.”

Which is exactly what everyone who hears Alex Faith’s album will surely get, his very real perspective. Starting with the first song released from the album. The single, “Letting Me Go” is a testimonial that tells Faith’s personal story of growing up, his vantage point on his parents and other surroundings, his realization that he needed Jesus, and a snapshot of where he is now with all those things. Faith doesn’t fall short in giving his long-time fans the “flag in the ground” kind of style they’ve come to expect Collision to do, and he showcases that style on the song, “Blood Lines” (featuring: J.R.).

With those as just the first two songs on the album, Alex Faith’s album “ATLast” has made its mark. To find out more about Alex Faith visit .

Written by Ms. Ty Scott
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