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Introducing Bridgewater: The Mixtape

The debut album from Bridgewater, The Mixtape, is now available on digital music outlets. The lead single will be ” Without You” and it will be followed by IDC ( I Don’t Care) which was produced by Maulik “Gumbo” Smith. They will also simultaneously release the “No Regrets” track for Christian Hip Hop fans.

The concept behind the debut album is to show Bridgewater’s  versatility and love for all music genres. They wanted to create a unique music sampler that gives you a tracks to run your errands to, there is another type of track you jam when you are hanging out with friends, and there’s one when you need to be hype while working out and cleaning up so they covered that too. You also need songs that motivate you to get closer to God and remind you of how good he has been to us despite our flaws and shortcomings. Most importantly, at the core, they wanted to make this album to worship God and lead you into worship. We feel this album addresses our personal struggles, highlights their growth in God, and their goals to lead others to an authentic relationship with Christ.

Check out the album on your media source of choice by following this link:

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