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This year in my travels, I have been in 2 of the worst services in history. It was stupid long, uninspiring, man focused, and full of bad, off-key, drab worship. I wanted to go and play video games or watch a movie or knit a Christmas sweater with matching wool hat…anything would be better than being in these services.

What was the problem, you ask? Leadership. The leaders of the churches (which were more like institutions) were leading people in a way that would make Jesus blush. They were pompous, arrogant, had bad theology, uncaring, dictators who called themselves apostles, prophets or revivalists (did my teeth just grit).

I’ve come to realize that church isn’t necessarily the problem; bad leadership and the people who reinforce it are. So before you follow any brand of Christianity, be it miracle ministries, apostolic, revival, prophetic, seeker, prosperity, or whatever else you can find in the grocery isle of salvation, make sure your leader loves God and loves people. Because he can’t say he loves God who he can’t see and stomp on the people he does see and call himself a Christian.


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