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This week, N.I.F.T.Y. and Kay C get into the subject of money: is it wrong to want it? Is it a sin to go after it? What exactly is the problem with possessing material gain? Can’t we have Jesus AND silver and gold as Canton Jones says? There seems to be a negative implication attached to the enjoyment and appreciation of material rewards – aren’t we entitled to these if we’ve put in the work? Check out the show and find out what Nif and Kay think.


The More-Talk Hour
Promise ft. NevaHurd – In the Alleyway
Sho Baraka – Mercy Me
Eric Cross – Be Still
Dietrick Hadden – Running to You

The More-Music Hour with DJ Versatile

MIX 1 31 minutes

  1. KWR – Mics, Camera, Action (Ft. The F.E.D.S. & NR)
  2. Cam – The Platform (ReVerShip Mix)
  3. Dwayne Tryumph – Roll Out (Ft. Pilgrim & Gamma)
  4. Fresh I.E. – Move Back (Ft. Philly 5, and Selasi)
  5. Compassionholy – All My Christian What Up
  6. Band Of Brothas – Ay Yo
  7. Fred Hammond – They That Wait (Ft. John P. Kee) (ReVerShip Mix)

MIX 2 30 minutes

  1. Young Chosen – Get Crazy (Nitty Mix)
  2. Bless’Ed – Freestyle
  3. Yomi – Let Loose
  4. Redd Lettaz – Boom Pop
  5. Redd Lettaz – Boom Pop (Cassie Reject Remix)
  6. Young Paul – Go In (Ft. Pryzna)
  7. Mark J – Look to the Sky
  8. Mr. J Medeiros – Broken Windows (SD Remix)
  9. Sho Baraka – We Can Be More (Ft. JR)
  10. Apaulsoul – I Need Cha (Ft. Montana)
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