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It's my 29th Birthday Baby!!!

It's my 29th Birthday Baby!!!

It’s almost that time of the year…June 12…my birthday…the day the hot mix-show broke loose! And like my brotha Kirk Franklin said, “ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!”…hopefully…lol!

Tune in next week as “Everyday is a Mix-day!” Each day you can catch a mini mix-down leading up to June 12th’s Birthday Mixshow. And believe me – I plan on putting it DOWN (please pray for ya boy’s musical ear, cause if it ain’t up to par…let me know). Wade-O gave you the Summer Start, so its official that Da Power Hour Mixshow keeps it running and bumping.

The mini-sodes will feature music for the young and old:  hip hoppers, R&P heads, granny n nem, worship leaders, boom bappers (with a Texas perspective), djs…yea, and you, too! Then we’ll top it off with some “3rd Coast Fiyah” (love you too Dj D-Lite) on June 12 (Mannn! I’m setting my self up…Lord Help Me Please…Please Help Me…lol!)

The Birthday Mixshow countdown jumps off Sunday, after church, and the paton is passed on everyday until JUNE the 12, 2009. In the meantime, hit me up on or to leave a voice comment! I plan to include them on the Birthday Mixshow, Friday JUNE 12. You can also hit me up at to leave written comments, shout outs, birthday wishes, and of course, music submissions. Make sure you hit the play button to hear the intro.

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