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J. Monty – Megaphone

Megaphone, The latest release from J Monty. Fans can't stop talking about this song. It's an amazing track. Monty's lyrics and flow are unmatched in this latest track. His style is continuous and unmatched.

His lyrics convey many important messages about God and Christ, but this song is an absolute must-listen to. While the beat us good to groove to, it's the bars and vocals that pull you in.

It's the smooth and consistent flow that Monty has. He definitely has his own unique style. This song is the latest installment of Testify. It is currently the third part. Testify is a project put together by Monty. While he works on his debut album, Testify is a series of free music released on his social platforms. He will use his lyrical gifts to ‘Testify' about God.

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September 24, 2019
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