From Courtside to Controversy: Ja Morant’s Shocking Gun Video Sparks Debate

Hello everyone, I’m your host, DJ Focus, and I’m excited to share with you some of the insightful discussions we had on a recent episode of Da Fixx. My co-host, Dice Gamble, and I delved into some pressing issues, including the recent controversy surrounding basketball player Ja Morant, the importance of mental health awareness, and the responsibility of athletes as role models. In our spiritual detox segment we welcome artist and content creator Kevi Morse. Enjoy!

Ja Morant: A Case of Misguided Influence?

Dice and I discussed the incident involving Ja Morant, a basketball player from Memphis. A video surfaced showing Morant with a gun in his hand, which isn’t the first time he’s been involved in such a situation. As a professional athlete earning a significant income, I expressed my disappointment in Morant’s actions. I believe that Morant should distance himself from friends who may be negatively influencing his behavior.

Dice added that Morant’s relationship with his father, a former pro ball player, might also play a role in his actions. We both agreed that athletes should be held accountable for their behavior, as they are role models for others. We suggested that the NBA should enforce stricter rules to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

The Importance of Mental Health and Accountability

We expressed our frustration with athletes who engage in negative behavior and fail to handle the pressures of being in the spotlight. We emphasized the need for accountability and responsibility, stating that athletes should be disciplined and use their skills to entertain the audience. We also mentioned the potential consequences of such behavior, including being blackballed from the NBA or other leagues.

Our concern for Ja Morant and his well-being led us to urge him to seek help and surround himself with real friends who will support him. We discussed the importance of mental health and the need for a change in mindset when one is elevated to a different platform.

A Spotlight on Mental Health Awareness

As it was Mental Health Awareness Month, we transitioned our conversation to discuss bondage and mental health awareness. We mentioned that we would be interviewing the talented artist and entrepreneur Kevi Morris, who shares his faith and CHH journey.

Kevi Morse
Kevi Morse

Unity and Division within the Christian Music Industry

In our conversation with Morse, we discussed the unity and division within the Christian music industry. I mentioned artists from Ohio, specifically K Drama, and expressed appreciation for their impact on the game. We agreed that there is brotherhood behind closed doors but acknowledged that not everyone desires that unity. Some artists are more focused on the entertainment aspect rather than the ministry aspect of their music.

Breaking Free from Bondage

In our real talk segment, Dice and I discussed the concept of bondage and its impact on our lives. We acknowledged that bondage is a real issue that is often overlooked and not discussed enough. I shared my personal experience with bondage, specifically in the area of communication. I used to believe that being aggressive and tough in my speech was necessary to avoid being seen as weak. However, my wife helped me break free from this mindset and encouraged me to communicate effectively without aggression.

Dice added that bondage is a trick of the enemy, as it makes people slaves to certain things or mindsets. He emphasized the importance of focusing on positive thoughts and breaking free from mental bondage.

The Role of Spiritual Bondage in Mental Health

We discussed spiritual bondage and its impact on mental health. We emphasized the need to break free from the bondage of sin and negative thoughts. We mentioned scriptures that speak to believers and unbelievers about bondage and how it can be a spiritual attack. We stressed the importance of communication and accountability in overcoming bondage, encouraging listeners to speak out about their struggles and seek support from trusted individuals.

The Importance of Unity and Accountability

We emphasized the importance of not negating someone’s feelings, as we never truly know what they have been through. We shared a personal story about dealing with job loss and living with a family member who had a fear of cats. This story highlighted the idea that people’s fears and traumas may seem irrational to others, but they are valid based on their experiences.

We encouraged listeners to analyze themselves and their addictions, spending habits, and relationships, urging them to seek freedom and forgiveness. We also mentioned the need for accountability and unity within the Christian hip-hop community and the church as a whole.


In conclusion, Dice and I expressed our concern for John Morant’s well-being and mental health. We emphasized the importance of getting him the help he needs and offered to interview him to further discuss the issue. We stressed the significance of having accountability partners who can support and hold individuals responsible, as it can positively impact their personal and professional lives.

Click to stream Kevi Morse’s We Outside. Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture Artist Resources page for information on how to submit to radio and tips on navigating the music business. Remember, we’re all on a journey towards freedom and unity. Let’s continue to grow together, in love and truth. Peace to you all.

NBA player Ja Morant with baby
Ja Morant with child


Ja Morant’s Controversy [00:02:29] Discussion about the recent controversy surrounding basketball player Ja Morant and his involvement with guns.

Responsibility of Athletes [00:05:10] The hosts discuss the responsibility of athletes, particularly Ja Morant, to act as role models and make responsible choices.

Mental Health Awareness [00:06:29] The hosts talk about the importance of mental health awareness and how it may be a factor in Ja Morant’s behavior.

The frustration of athletes and mental health [00:09:48] The hosts discuss the frustration of athletes who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the importance of changing their mindset when they achieve success.

The responsibility of athletes to be role models [00:10:25] The hosts talk about the accountability and responsibility that athletes have when they are in the spotlight, and how they should use their skills to entertain and inspire others.

The importance of mental health and support for athletes [00:12:19] The hosts express their concern for the mental health of basketball player Ja Morant and emphasize the need for him to receive the help and support he needs.

The unity part of behind closed doors [00:19:48] Discussion on the unity among artists in the music industry, seeking genuine experiences and understanding the impact they have on the game.

Entertainment vs. Ministry driven [00:21:36] Exploration of how the music industry has become more focused on entertainment rather than ministry, with examples of artists prioritizing fame over their purpose.

The importance of street ministry and outreach [00:23:38] Discussion on the need for a calling to engage in street ministry and outreach, emphasizing the importance of connecting with those who are unchurched and in need.

Musical Inspirations [00:29:23] Discussion about the musical inspirations of the speakers, including artists like Two Short, Eight Ball MJG, Boosie, and Lil Wayne.

Collaborations and New Music [00:30:01] Talk about upcoming tours, new music, and potential collaborations between the speakers and other artists like Tori Deshawn and Miles Minnick.

State of Hip Hop [00:36:05] Discussion about the booming state of hip hop, its influence, and the importance of respecting the genre.

Bondage and the importance of communication [00:39:32] Discussion on the personal barriers of bondage and the need for effective communication in relationships.

Recognizing and breaking free from mental bondage [00:40:39] Exploring the concept of mental bondage and the importance of self-awareness and therapy in breaking free from it.

Different types of bondage and the need for community support [00:42:47] Addressing various forms of bondage, including sex trafficking, and the importance of community involvement and reporting suspicious activities.

Spiritual Bondage and Mental Health Awareness [00:50:13] Discussion on the importance of addressing spiritual bondage and mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Breaking the Yoke of Bondage [00:54:26] Exploring the need for repentance, fasting, and prayer to break free from bondage and sinful habits.

The Role of Accountability Partners [00:57:02] The importance of having accountable relationships and the need for gentleness and understanding when providing support to others.

The trauma of fear [00:59:32] Discussion about a personal experience with fear and trauma related to cats, emphasizing the importance of understanding and not negating others’ feelings.

Walking in freedom [01:01:06] Encouragement to analyze oneself, identify addictions and unhealthy habits, and partner with the Holy Spirit to find freedom and overcome bondage.

Unity and love in the church [01:07:23] Addressing the lack of unity and cliques within the Christian hip hop community and the broader church, emphasizing the need for embracing differences and working together.

The importance of mental health [01:08:22] Discussion on the significance of mental health and the need for accountability partners in elevating personal and family legacy.

Technology conversation [01:09:14] Announcement of a technology discussion in the next episode and encouragement to tune in for a gospel legend’s exclusive spiritual detox.