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A Single From JahRock’n Productions and Holyculture will Raise Money for Hurricane Sandy

Release 22nd Janurary, 2013- JahRock’n Productions, in collaboration with Holyculture, will soon be releasing a single for Hurricane Sandy Relief. The song, called Deliver Me, features a wide array of talented artists: DJ Wade-o, Twyse, Heesun Lee, Kei Kei, and MC Jin. All of the proceeds from the single will go to Hurricane Sandy relief. It will be available on all major digital outlets next Tuesday.

All the artists who collaborated on the song are from the New York or New Jersey area. Both states were heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy, which tore through the states last October.  Hurricane Sandy left a swath of devastation and destruction across the Northeast.

The words are direct and clear. “Many of us lost cars, homes,” the single goes. “But you still gave us life.”

The song brings a message of hope, saying that in the midst of the storm, “You’re in desperate need of a miracle. If you turn to God there’s plenty.”


Deliver Me is a single that encapsulates the personal experiences of the artists, who were personally affected by the hurricane. But the song also expresses the hope found in Christ, even in the midst of the devastation.

“I jumped at the opportunity to produce this record,” Chris Belmont, CEO of JahRock’n Productions, said. “My city was rocked by the super-storm., I felt a sense of responsibility.  Working with Holyculture was a no-brainer for me.”

100% of the proceeds will go towards support charitable and local relief efforts. Purchase the new single on iTunes by clicking here.


Deliver Me
Produced By: Josh Hawkins @Superduper808 (JahRock’n Productions)
Performed by: Kei-Kei (chorus)
TWyse – @TWyse
HeeSun Lee – @heesunlee
Kei-Kei – @kei_squared
MC Jin – @iammcjin
Written By: Chris Belmont – @chrisbelmont (JahRock’n Productions @jahrockn)
Mixed and Mastered by: Edgar “DJ-Edy” Lagares

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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