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On January 8th, 2013 Illect Recordings and Japhia Life will release an exclusive limited edition CD version of “Westside Pharmacy.” An exclusive bonus track will be featured on the album.

You can reserve your copy of the exclusive limited edition “Westside Pharmacy” CD now

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Westside Pharmacy track list

1. Japhia’s Lyric
2. Pitchfork
3. Last Night
4. Lifey’s Revenge (feat. Tena Jones)
5. Phone Call (Skit)
6. I’m A Mess
7. Cold Blood
8. Full Moon (feat. David James)
9. Hate (Skit) (feat. REDZ)
10. Dime (feat. Rob Hodge)
11. Pimp
12. Dealin’
13. Cloud
14. Letter to Lindsay
15. Small World
16. The Exercise
17. The Realest
18. I Will Watch You
+CD Exclusive Bonus Track


1, 18 Jude “Tha Architect” Gavin & Japhia Life
2, 9, 13 J Rogers
3, 7, 8 David James
4 Eric “Tech” Johns for Creative Feed
5 Japhia Life
6 Hot Handz
10 Chase “Flow” Bradley for The Piece Committee
11, 12, 17 Trayz Beatz
14 J Rogers Co-Prod by Japhia Life & Nate Coe
15 Elvin “Wit” Shahbazian
16 Luke Witherspoon III

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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