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Tune in this week as Nifty & Kay C dissect the lyrics of a wildly popular Jay-Z song in which he appears to blatantly disrespect Jesus Christ.  What exactly did he mean by this?  Did he have another motive? Do we acknowledge Jay Z, ignore the song or dismiss the artist altogether?  Find out how we as Christians should react when our Lord and Savior comes under attack – be it direct or subliminal.



The More-Talk Hour

Canton Jones – G.O.D.
Nifty & Kay C talk about Donnie McClurkin and introduce topic
Mark J – Rebuild
Nifty & Kay C examine Jay’s lyrics
Melly Mel – Only You
Nifty & Kay C give their opinions on how Christians should respond
J-Flu – Go Hard
Nifty & Kay C discuss next week’s topic

The More-Music Hour

The Spin-Off with DJ Versatile

  1. Eshon Burgundy – The Nikon Flash
  2. IQ – Stronger
  3. DJ Form – 7 Factors (DJ Versatile Remix)
  4. JusThoughtZ – Bus Stop
  5. Relic – One Plus One
  6. Andale’ – Fly Away
  7. Cash Hollistah – Believe Me (Ft. Mouf Warren)
  8. Pro – The Light
  9. Promise – Bus Ride (Ft. Will.I.Am)

Break with Nifty & Kay C
Lord Have Mercy – Christian Music
Regular Robb – Rain On Me
Eshon Burgundy – A Note 4 the Hopeless

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