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Decisions guide us and it is through a series of them that we will reach our dreams, desires and destiny or fail to do so within our lives. Making a decision for Christ will create conflict with an un-renewed mind, but will bring contentment when seen in light of your past mistakes, flaws and missteps. The third full length release “For His Glory” by JayMay chronicles the journey of making the greatest decision a person can make. With memorable choruses and sing-along hooks, JayMay expresses a transformative message through the medium of rap. Through the fast paced hypnotic sound of “God Did It”, JayMay unapologetically explains the change that has occurred in his life. “I Am”, a bass heavy rhythmic track, provokes people to encourage themselves in the Lord while pushing them to be bold in who they are in Christ. Songs such as “All I Want” and the title track, “For His Glory”, display JayMay’s ability to transcend the Rap genre by encompassing contemporary Christian and traditional Gospel. This album takes a simple but effective approach in sharing the good news of the Gospel while being “For His Glory”.

JayMay stands with S.O.C.O.M., Apaulsoul and C-Micah as co-founder’s of About Face Music Group. AFMG is a Holy Hip Hop label endeavoring to fortify the Kingdom of God through Faith based music and entertainment that promotes morals, values and integrity. You can trust About Face Music Group to yield optimum quality “music you can turn too” for strength, anointing, exhortation and encouragement. People worldwide need to do an “about-face” from sin and status quo towards Salvation and Faith. Start today.

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