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J-Heir – So Clutch

J-Heir teamed up with C-Micah to remind the listener that God is always on time! Importantly, when you are under pressure and everything is on the line, Jesus is still able to take care of you.

Everything was on the line,
satan had me in his clutch
Jesus stepped in right on time,
yeah he came through in the clutch
When it matters the most
we all can count on him
And watch him carry us all
It’s Jesus for the win
And he’s that dude/ face of the franchise
you want the ball in his hands/ oh yeah he’s big time
Man he so clutch
Man he so clutch
Man he so clutch
And he’s that dude/ face of the franchise
can put your life in his hands/ oh yeah he’s big time

He is the clutchest, truly the clutchest
When satan be rushing,
be like Hammer, can’t touch this
He’s the reason that I overcame, and I overcome, and I always will
Lest of course if I get outside, If I get outside of His holy will
He was there when I broke
Kept me sane when I was rich
He was my only hope
Rescued me out the ditch
Truly faithful He be
Truly faithful He is
Just for sending His Son
Truly faithful He’s been
There is no other as faithful as He is
No one has given like He gives
Ultimate gave, youngin mistakes
Praise to the ancient of days
I have been raised just with the same
power that raised from the grave
Christ is proclaimed, struggle and pain
He is remaining the same
Look, I swear he bout that life
Righteous, Holy life but He’s there while you fight
When your sinful ways aint right
He’s clutch still despite what you may have done last night

Every time I need him man he always, always come through
On time, crunch time, who think I’m going to?
Down the stretch he hit free throws
Stretched his arms, gave up The ghost
Thought they had but he rose
to Make my life like a cheat code
Every I come down to the wire
My feet to the flames, then he show up like the fourth man in the fire
He said I got this, only believe me
My emotions feel the pressure, but he make it look so easy
We Strong in the Lord and the power of his might
You can go all in with the Lord cause its a fixed fight
We got the victory we always triumph in Christ
So when we down, like with Paul and silas,
he will deliver, at midnight
Cause he don’t operate in time so forget the clock
He put the clamps on the enemy when we need a stop
And he can score from anywhere, aint gotta pick his spots
So cast all the care upon the Lord and let Him hit the shot

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