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J-Heir Ft. Dale Evans, J. Evans & D’vine Wordz – Still Jesus

There are many people out there putting all of their trust into something or someone other than Jesus. J-Heir, Dale Evans, J. Evans, & D’vine Wordz came together to remind everyone that they will trust in Him no matter what! Check it out!

I don’t know who you trust in but for me, It’s still JESUS
I don’t know who you call on but for me, It’s still JESUS
Nobody but Jesus, Nobody but Jesus
Nobody but Jesus, It’s still JESUS

I say Long live the King,
aint nothing change but the date
For my posterity he reigns
Still on the throne in my estate
I’ll never graduate to a place where I don’t need em
They propagate but can’t indoctrinate me to stop believing
You can trust in horses and chariots if you wanna
But still aint gone play Jesus to the left like California
College years when it’s prime time to get buck wild
That’s when I called his name, got set free, and decided to buckle down
situations they’ll try, to defy, and try to make me deny
But there’s no one else I can glorify, let me testify
When I looked to him
I forsook my sin
And Got born again
I aint turning back
I made some enemies
lost some friends
but still look to him
Aint not turnin back
Why would i trust in man
who can lie and can deceive us
Backstab us, and leave us
use, abuse, and mistreat us
cheat us when they can’t beat us
But he won’t forsake us or leave us
Till the day I fly, Imma be still trusting in Jesus

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