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Joe Justiz - The Surrender

Joe Justiz - The Surrender

Joe Justiz – The Surrender. If I could some it up in one sentence it would be encouragement and hope for the Christian walking through this life.

The overall theme of Surrender is encouraging. Joe Justiz takes various issues that we have all seen or have been through and looks at them from God’s perspective or how we should be dealing with them as believers.

Joe tackles various song topics on the Surrender project to include: authority of the believer in Christ, battle of the flesh vs. the Spirit, praying God’s will in searching for a spouse, wisdom, encouraging the sisters, and waking up from a sin focus to seeing the love/light of God to name a few.

The Surrender projects features a lot of cameos and varied production. Cameos: Dunamis, Mozel, Cheno Lyfe, G-notes, Eric Lopez, Butta P, Romeo, Docious, Pettidee, and Dj Morphiziz. Some of the producers that come through on this project are two of the CHH stalwarts; Tony Stone and Teddy P.

As eluded to earlier, Surrender features a lot of solid biblical content and encouragement. Any Christian can listen to this album at any time and find encouragement. Joe Justiz does a good job of intermingling scripture throughout the majority of the songs and using the music as a tool to deliver God’s word. I applaud the effort and thought it takes to focus on bringing the word lyrically and not just focusing on entertaining the crowd.

As far as production goes, there are a few bangers on the album. I could not stop nodding my head on Superstar and Victorious, and I really tried. The music made it easy to listen to and for the most part made you want to stay tuned and hear what Joey had to say.

Lyrically, Joe did a good job on Surrender, but there were no real standout lyrically vicious tracks that make you say whoa or that make you want to rewind and listen again to see if he really said that. My basis for those thought is that the flow was pretty much the same throughout the project, although he did give a little variance on a few songs. I’m a big fan of word play and colorful metaphors and that is the one thing that Surrender was missing, in my opinion.

Surrender sought to change the focus of a Christian from I to Christ and what He can do in our lives; that aspect alone had me feeling this project. It makes me smile every time I hear the testimony of a person in their music and consequently hearing the heart change that resulted from their personal experience with God. Joe Justiz uses his life and influences to woo Christians to a true love relationship with Jesus. Kudos.

Surrender was a good project. This is an album that is definitely worth listening to. There was good production and good biblical content. The main thing is Christ being preached, and Joe Justiz definitely brings Christ on this album.

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