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Johnnie J from ETW – Kingdom Building Conversations

Johnnie J was the sole member of E.T.W. at the Mic Drop Homecoming event in Tulsa, OK. He took the time to share the early beginnings, lessons learned, what helped make them successful, and some thoughts about the future.

About The Artist

End Time Warriors (also known as E.T.W.) were founded by MC Free, MC L King, and Johnnie Jam. E.T.W. was one of the first successful Christian rap groups, releasing their first album in 1989 on ForeFront Records.

Much like fellow rookie label mates DC Talk, they featured fun, upbeat, and direct rhymes about their faith and the gospel. E.T.W’s lyrics grew darker through their career and drinking, drugs, and violence became major themes in their music as they addressed problems in hip-hop culture.

One of their biggest hits was their cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”, and their song “Give It Up” was nominated for a Dove Award. They broke up in the mid-1990s.

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