JSIII x Big Rissa – My Flex

“My Flex” is the 2023 anthem and to flex for God. God gave His people purpose, a calling, and the swag to flex in His name. Ephesians 3:12 (KJV) “In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.” To us this means to be humble, but to have the confidence to minister His Word; simultaneously, look good, enjoy, and have fun in this spirit-filled life.

Both JSIII and Big Rissa blaze the track with their witty bars, backed with a catchy hook for audiences to remember. JSIII says “this one just feels good, and we want people all over the world to flex in His name with us.”

MY Flex Lyrics

God gave me my flex,
Ain’t no telling what’s next,
Give Him my praise He stacking my deck,
I’m blessed & I’m good so what you expect?
God give me my flex, I ain’t stressed I’m blessed,
He ordered my steps so I ain’t pressed and I ain’t gotta finesse,
God give me my flex, I’m feeling groove let’s get it poppin
I’m with the gang you know how we rockin, win win win we ain’t stoppin

V1 Big Rissa
I’m feelin drippy it’s the anointing on me and in me, saved by the blood covered in His love time to level up so let’s get it, oh you like I how I kick it, a host of angels stay with me, Big Rissa off in the building doin my praise dance knock the roof off of this ceiling, this song here for your spirit, you & you & your children, get out the way and clear some space cuz the Holy Spirit gone fill it, get what you need don’t miss it, yea I’m fully committed to stand in the gap, show you how to walk this walk be saved and still be litty

God gave me my flex I keep it a buck,
Jogging my spirit I run amuck,
Lit my flame carry the torch,
Been through the fire come through with no scorch,
Flex, it’s about God not about me,
Flex, Jesus Christ yes He set me free,
Stretched on the Cross for me,
Walk on dry ground overcome my red seas,
Gave me my flex put me up on my feet,
Was a dropped pass was so incomplete,
Health to the bones His Words are so sweet,
Cushioned my soul I call Him love seat,
Not the same now, not a lame now,
In my lane now, move up now,
Not ashamed now, not a game now,
Flex only in His name now

It was cool daddy fresh swag drip sauce now flex,
Fits tight, smell good, dreams come true in my deck,

Big Rissa
Big Steppa, water walkin, heaven stepping what’s next, get out the way yea andele ain’t no delay I’m blessed

Tap in to the source I flex, Genesis to Revelation I flex,
No cap, this beat slap caught up in the spirit I flex,

Big Rissa
Self esteem through the roof I flex, I’ve been redeemed living proof I flex, righteousness all across my chest I grow and glow that’s the real big flex

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