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Just A Servant Ft. L. Dejuan – Saucy

JAS makes his Holy Culture debut with this project. Simply put, JAS and L. Dejuan share their love for Jesus Christ while keeping it moving


I had me the spread before the rap boy thats cool whip
I’m a child of god that’s for real not to fool with
been up in this game for so long going pool stick
circle been small man I’m choosy who I cool with

You can’t talk me down that’s on facts I put in work
I made fear god and hate evil and I put it on a shirt
no not in for the mentions boy I really know my worth
so how they talking when they clowns that’s on church

Aye I got flavored shoes
All the dudes in my crew we making major moves
see my vision from above tryna shake the tube
touch my boo or my crew you gone make the news

It can bad come and check my staff
They really hated it when I got back into my bag
you been an imposter red lobster ima crack your crab

don’t make me laugh at your class when I’m making math

I really make em wonder when Im doing numbers
Im really giving em my chills when im in the summer
I gave covid a 6 ft when I put it 6 under
Feel like Im o k with this c when I hit you thunder

I had me the drip way back I was saucy
stepping on the devil now cause he was getting bossy
heard taking up my cross soft and it might cost
me Im off see exalt thee my haters lookin

I keep it at stack with the raps I don’t play none

bible like a soaker Ill spray you with this spray gun
all my bars they come in sauce call it A1 to my bros who ain’t switch them my day 1s

Don’t make me start the shooting
Bible like a axe I think that I’m called to duty/
Hit my psalms no response you on call of duty/
You see my tree now my roots what I bear is fruity

I had me the drip way back I was saucy stepping on the devil now cause he was getting bossy
I heard taking up my cross soft and it might cost me
I’m off see exalt thee my haters lookin

So many lacking flavor so I gotta keep it saucy
I show all to my haters love it got em really feeling salty
When the problems come my way like Taylor swift I shake it off me
With Jesus I stay in tune so you will never hear me off key
Even tho I can barely sing
Melodies from heaven
They keep reigning down on me
He put a crown on me
& he surrounding me
He set of off rang the alarm
Because I was sound asleep
Now I’m wide awake
& I’m here to stay
So start making room or get out the way
He threw the ball I’m running the play
It’s a home run you know that I’m safe
My life was so bitter
Now sweet like a cake
I got the sauce like I’m chic fil a
If you are hungry then come get a plate
The lord is so good
He wants you to taste
Come get sauce come the flavor
Everything in you need
It’s all the Jesus Christ the savior
Let him take the lead & you won’t ever go astray yeah
Promise he won’t ever change up
If you don’t give him a try I promise you in danger

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