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Above is what we call "Happy Meat" Good cookin' dad!

Hey Everyone,

I’m chillin’ in the kitchen @ my family’s house (Charde’s side) just chillin!  Everyone is at the table waiting on the good …

hold that thought, we bout to bless the food…

Okay I’m back.  Good prayer

Mother’s day is great!  I woke up this morning to my daughter all up in my personal space (I actually love that).  So I flicked on the TV for her and then Charde woke up talking about “MY WISDOM TOOTH!  MY WISDOM TOOTH!!!”  She was in PAIN!  I was very hesitant to even wish her Happy Birthday.  I did anyway and she appreciated it.  I went to Walgreens and bought her some Oragel (ironically I just put this in one of my songs that you’ll soon hear) and the remainder of her gifts.  I bought her a shirt that says “Best Mom, Hands Down” and it comes with paint for you to put on your hand and to place your handprint on the shirt (since Naima can’t write yet, I thought this would be a bangin gift.  I also bought her “Smooth Away” which is like some shaving mechanism that gently removes hair from the body.

I came home, gave Charde her oragel and Charde went to sleep.  I took Naima upstairs and we made the shirt!  A lil difficult at 1st, but it came together.  NAIMA HAD LOTS OF FUN!  Here’s what Naima looked like after the shirt was finished…


Naima w/ paint on her hands

Naima w/ paint on her hands











Below is the shirt we made her…


Charde's Mother's Day gift (1 of 3 gifts)










Charde didn’t want to be seen, lol!  She loved the shirt!  She loved her card and her “Smooth away” despite that I got the refill cartridges instead of the actual device she wanted (I later went to Bed, Bath & Beyond” and bought what she wanted.  

I bought us lunch @ Panera Bread and Subway!  I just want everyone to know that Panera has the best orange juice EVER, HANDS DOWN!  

Then a very popular Christian rap artist came over to my studio and recorded a song for a summer camp.  I won’t unveil his name, but this dude used 32 tracks for his song!!!  Deeeeeeee!  About 10 of the tracks will end up deleted by his request.  It was mad fun though and we enjoyed him and his wife’s company (is that enough hints?).

After they left, we arrived @ our fam’s house and now we just chillin’ in the kitchen, eating good food and listening to KiKi Sheard!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  TTYL!

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