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Until Forever features GRAMMY nominated Lecrae, Plumb, Benjah among others and embraces the diverse cultural sounds Kareem Manuel grew up around in Chicago. Kareem incorporates the golden elements of complex classical chords, heavy guitar riffs of rock, bass grooves of funk, and the feel good energy of pop into his music.

You’ve got to get it! … He’s a great musician and great emcee.” — Lecrae


  1. The Introduction
  2. Sin City ft. Christon Gray
  3. Where Do I Go?
  4. The Light
  5. The Intersection
  6. I’m Living ft. Decipha
  7. Until Forever ft. Caine
  8. Unworthy Servant
  9. Broken Promises
  10. Open Your Eyes (Interlude)
  11. Open Your Eyes ft. Plumb
  12. Rain Down ft. Benjah
  13. We Must …
  14. Endure ft. Derek Minor
  15. Hero ft. Lecrae
  16. עִבְרִית 11:13-16
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