Kel Mitchell – Go time

Everyone remembers Go time as their favorite TV star and Nickelodeon star. What many people are just now realizing or finding out is that he is also a devoted Christian and youth pastor. He has done amazing things to spread the gospel message and bring the glory of God into people’s lives. He has done this in a variety of ways.

Recently there was a devotional book released by him. There have also been several different music videos and Christian songs.  His latest song is “Go Time.” It was released a month ago and fans cannot get enough of this song.

When anyone turns their life around especially, someone who is involved in the entertainment industry it is a very admirable thing. They are using their resources and talents to help spread God’s message. That’s the greatest thing you can do. Kel is doing this by not only writing devotional books and releasing Christian music but by the time that he is devoting himself to educating the youth on God and being a positive influence in their lives. He’s serving as the spiritual guidance that this younger generation needs. We all need this kind of guidance and spiritual positivity, especially these days.

 All of his songs, including Go Time, have that same effect on anyone who listens to them. This song is very high-energy and upbeat. It not only gets your blood pumping but it gets you in the mood to be on your feet and praising God at all times. It is always a good thing when a song does that because there is no greater thing than to give glory to God because we owe him so much and have so much to be thankful for because of him.