KG Santiago – In JESUS Name ft. Da Young Disciples

“In JESUS Name” is a spiritually charged song featured on KG Santiago’s album, “IN IT NOT OF IT,” featuring the collaborative talents of Da Young Disciples. This powerful composition showcases the transformative power of faith and the unyielding strength found in the name of Jesus.

Directed by the visionary filmmaker Will Thomas, the music video accompanying the song promises to be a visual masterpiece, amplifying the song’s spiritual essence and message.

As part of the larger musical project “IN IT NOT OF IT,” “In JESUS Name” is a testament to KG Santiago’s commitment to creating music that not only resonates with listeners but also uplifts and inspires them. Collaborating with Da Young Disciples, this track is a harmonious blend of faith, devotion, and musical artistry.

Get ready to embark on a soul-stirring journey as “In JESUS Name” encapsulates the profound impact of faith and the name of Jesus, all set against the backdrop of exceptional musical talent and visionary storytelling in the music video.