Putting the Kingdom First: How Courage Can Transform the Music Business

On this episode of Da Fixx, we have an engaging conversation about the impact of real hip hop, the significance of faith, and the importance of courage in our lives. Our special guest Terrian joins us for an honest conversation about navigating the music business as a believer and the importance of community.

Our Faith and Upbringing

Singer, songwriter Terrian starts off the segment talking about her faith and upbringing. She expressed her gratitude for being raised in a community that loved the Lord and constantly reminded her of His goodness. We discussed how faith shapes our lives and why we are passionate about sharing our beliefs.

The Importance of Courage in Relationships

We also discussed the importance of courage in relationships. We emphasized the need to not just go along with societal norms but to have the courage to say no and not rush into a relationship. We advised against starting a relationship during football season and encouraged waiting until after Valentine’s Day to see if a relationship is genuine.

The Music Business

Terrian shared her thoughts on the business side of things. She emphasized the importance of keeping the mindset of putting the kingdom first. She believes that businesses and the industry would be better off in the long run if they prioritize functioning within God’s kingdom.

The Power of Self-Discipline and Courage

We also discussed the importance of instilling self-discipline and courage in children. We share personal stories of our childhood, being diciplined and how it positively impacted our lives.

Borrowing Courage from Others

We also discussed the importance of borrowing courage from others when facing challenges in our faith. We referenced a scripture from the Bible where David tells Solomon to be strong and courageous in his work, and we emphasized the need to lean on the faith of others during weak seasons.

The Importance of Being Bold in One’s Faith

We emphasized the need to stand up for what is right and not be afraid of backlash or separation. We encouraged listeners to fully commit to their Christian faith and not half-heartedly engage in it.

Facing One’s Own Demons

We discussed the importance of being courageous in facing one’s own demons and overcoming personal struggles. We emphasized the need for hard work and determination to stop engaging in sinful behavior and to wait for the right partner in life.

In conclusion, we believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to all our struggles and challenges. We urge everyone to make the most of the day and remember that “The fix is in. We out. Peace, y’all.”

Terrian: How courage can transform the music industry
Terrian: How Courage Can Transform the Music Business


Introduction and greetings (00:00:00) The speakers introduce themselves and exchange greetings.

Reflection on faith upbringing (00:01:19) The speakers discuss their upbringing and the importance of faith in their community.

Real talk conversation about courage (00:05:30) The speakers introduce the topic of courage and its significance in their faith, and tease an upcoming guest.

The courage to wait (00:08:00) Discussion about the importance of waiting until after Valentine’s Day to pursue a relationship, and the need to have courage to do things the right way.

Marriage and transformation (00:13:16) Conversation about the importance of sacrifice and transformation in a marriage, and how marriage is a constant process of growth and change.

Women in the music industry (00:16:31) Recognition of the positive change in the music industry, with more women being welcomed and supported in various roles, and the importance of respecting and valuing their contributions.

The Power of Kingdom First (00:17:17) Discussion about the importance of keeping the mindset of putting God’s kingdom first in business and industry.

The Lessons of Marriage (00:18:34) Exploration of the challenges and lessons learned in marriage, including the mirror it provides for personal flaws and the need to rely on the Lord.

Joining TobyMac’s Team (00:20:54) Explanation of how the Terrian signed with Gotee Records and became a full-time vocalist in TobyMac’s band, highlighting the blessing and honor of the opportunity.

The fear-based tactics (00:30:15) The speaker discusses growing up with fear-based tactics to get them to say yes to Jesus and how it created a cycle of feeling the need to get saved again.

The Holy Spirit changing my life (00:31:49) Understanding the gospel and being sealed by the Holy Spirit at 17 years old changed their life.

Courage and walking into blessings (00:32:42) The importance of courage and how fear can prevent people from walking into their blessings, referencing 2 Timothy 1:7.

The Fear of God (00:35:36) Discussion about the importance of instilling self-discipline and overcoming fear, with examples of artists and their journeys.

Believing in God and Being Courageous (00:36:35) Exploration of the connection between trust in God and developing courage, emphasizing the need to lean on faith during challenging times.

Discipline and Life Lessons (00:38:16) Personal anecdotes about discipline, including the consequences of stealing and the lessons learned from parental guidance, highlighting the relationship between discipline and courage.

Borrowing Courage from Others (00:43:37) The speaker talks about the importance of leaning on the faith of others when your own faith is being challenged.

Life Lessons in Discipline (00:45:00) A personal story about how discipline and standing up for oneself can teach important life lessons.

Courageous Parenting (00:49:16) Encouraging parents to be courageous in raising their children, teaching them valuable lessons and not backing down from their role and responsibility.

Courage in Walking with God (00:51:22) Encouragement to be courageous in living out the Christian faith and not being afraid to speak God’s word over situations.

The Power of Speaking God’s Word (00:52:11) Emphasizing the importance of speaking God’s word over one’s life and situation to call down blessings from heaven.

Being Bold and Different (00:56:21) Encouragement to be bold in following God’s calling, even if it goes against cultural norms, and to have courageous conversations about biblical truths.

Courage to Overcome (00:59:36) Discussion about the courage required to confront personal demons and overcome sinful behavior.

Growing and Developing Relationships (01:00:20) Encouragement to strive for personal growth and improvement in relationships on a daily basis.