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KJ-52 dropping “TRIPLE PACK” Nov. 29th

KJ-52 is dropping “3” albums in one titled “TRIPLE PACK” on November 29, 2011.  Details below:

Dove Award winner KJ-52 is definitely no stranger to the Christian music scene market or to more attentive hip-hop fans across the USA! KJ-52′s creatively subversive East Coast style has been an underground phenomenon throughout the 90s and continued to bring it to the table in 2002. Collaborations featured collaborations with members of Grits, as well as ill harmonics, John Reuben, Pigeon John of LA Symphony, and the lead singers from Pillar and Thousand Foot Krutch.
KJ-52′s tells us this album features relevant music for today’s music listeners and makes sure to focus on the fact that “Christ is the main focus of this album and that with Him all things are possible.”

IT’S PRONOUNCED “Five Two” (2003)
KJ-52 IS MAKING SOME NOISE! Recently, this Uprock, hip hop trend-setter was seen on MTV/TRL in a piece about his music video Dear Slim. Response was tremendous, MTV message boards were lit up with postings about KJ-52 and his music. IT’S PRONOUNCED FIVE-TWO, is a slammin¹, often improvisational, and always mesmerizing CD from KJ-52. His irresistible style of rhythm and wordplay has become his trademark to hundreds of thousands of fans the country over.

KJ-52 is a rare find in today¹s Christian hip hop world. A Caucasian American MC who has risen to prominence in a largely black arena, he is at once a respectful student of the art form and a genuine hip hop innovator, stretching the boundaries of both its sound and shape. And regardless of where he¹s working- from churches and huge Christian festivals to the heart of the hip hop club scene, KJ can hold his own, with ease, against the best rappers in the business. Indeed, there¹s nothing that smacks of the poseur in KJ; rather, everything about his work screams “the real deal.”

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