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Knine Presents: It Was Written Vol.1!!!!

From the beginning of time the stories of the Bible have been passed down from generation to generation, told in many different ways and translated in many different languages, but never in the language of the streets!  On October 19th Knine presents It Was Written Vol.1, a collection of Bible stories in rap form, designed to inspire, enlighten and educate a new generation of believers by talking the scriptures and fusing them with hip hop!

Long recognized as one of the best story tellers in hip hop, Knine presents stories like David and Goliath, Jonah, Ruth, The Golden Calf, Sodom and Gomorrah, Samson and many more,  told as only Knine can tell them! With attention to detail, and top notch production, It Was Written Vol.1 will appeal to not only the young but the young at heart. This album will be a powerful  tool for Sunday Schools, Youth Groups and Drama Teams. You don’t want to miss this! So fasten your seat belts and be prepared for a journey through the scriptures you will NEVER forget!!!

Check out the album trailer at

Dropping October 19th on iTunes, and all digital outlets!!!

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