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Kolt Kodesh – Idol

None of us know the day, hour, or minute of Christ’s return, but we need to be ready for it. New Jersey native, Kolt Kodesh, a fresh face on the CHH scene, raises the question of our preparedness.


Whats your idol
What’s your life like
Ain’t no idol
Only Christ my lifeline
What’s your idol
What’s your life like
Ain’t no idol
Only Christ my lifeline

Careful where you zoom in focus and devote your time to
If it comes before Adonai you might just mold an idol
Israel practiced real relationship well Moses might’ve
His First night back witness this calf fattened with golden lining
Guess they thought since God’s notes wrote on stone pages with no bindings
His contract could not bind them
Gods finger gave the stamped approval
can’t wait til we’re dancing in perfect sinless immortal suits
hell cant stop me welcome New recruits
into To the kingdom
Pen pals on my email list
Say Sin still got their tail end
They Wrestle with the same ones God
Put behind the nail prints
But I️ve been praying for them
I️ could not afford to
But our savior bought it
So Our prayers availeth

Your religious practice
may be bowing down in reverence
to the image of a man who
in this world left a legacy
But now he’s long deceased
my God is alive and breathes
My God is alive and speaks

They come from places far and wide
They call on every source
Just not the one that’s right
A hardened heart ignores
Flesh wins when you don’t fight it
& They gonn stick to idols
But as for me and my house
We gonn serve The Lord aye
Whats your idol
What’s your life like
Ain’t no idol
Only Christ the lifeline
What’s your life like
What’s your idol
Ain’t no idol
Only Christ the lifeline


In my lifetime I’ve been victim to several pressures
shame piles on top of my sin need intercession
Break down a list of priorities into sections
We place those carts before his white horse ride from heaven
& on that day each knee bows he expects your best bend
So practice now, that is your best bet
Lemme tell ya
Struggles in this life is (aye)
Really really likely (aye)
I ain’t on no nitrous
Felt the crack of lighting (aye)
As for me and my kin (aye)
We serve the almighty (aye)
& he got the title belt

My soul he entitled to
When the Harpazo comes we’re caught up with the Elohim
It’ll be a wrap up and a cost for sin and unbelief
You serve the statutes and the laws and the decrees
but serve a statue that can’t talk or even see let alone write or read

My God is beyond belief
My God is alive and breathes
My God’s alive and speaks

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