Lecrae, Andy Mineo – Good Lord

Talented Artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo have collaborated on a new video. The video, for their song ‘Good Lord,’ debuted on YouTube, on February 3rd. It’s the music video for their song off their CC4 or ‘Church Clothes 4’ album.

Lecrae has also announced another music video, which will debut on February 24th, Titled ‘Dry Clean Only.’ So be ready for that. Also, a tour for the CC4 album is expected to follow according to his Twitter post.

It’s clear we’re seeing a lot of great projects from these artists.

In this video we see just how talented Lecrae and Mineo are once again. The entire project is unique in style as well as sound. This video features an interesting storyline. Lecrae posted on Twitter, ‘a film about making a film.’ That is exactly what you get in this video.

You see the two talented artists as disgruntled filmmakers. To their dismay, no one wants to produce their movie, so they must make it on their own. It’s a truly unique idea for a music video. The song fits well with the entire video.

The song in several lyrics talks about having a good Lord on your side. No matter how many times you fall, you get back up. The storyline of the video is the perfect visual of these lyrics. In creating this video for the song, the artists definitely got it right.

This is a great song. You could describe it as funky and upbeat. A perfect blend of old-school beats with modern sounds. Overall, the message is positive. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you can always get back up and keep on going on in life.

About the album:
Church Clothes 4, ‘CC4’ was released in November of 2022. It was released on Lecrae’s own record label, Reach Records. The entire Church Clothes mixtape series began in 2012.

About the Artists:
Lecrae, a talented individual who debuted on the music scene in 2004. Despite his rough childhood, he has always maintained his faith, which is quite admirable.

Andy Mineo, released his first mixtape on 2009. He began collaborating with Alex Medina at that time. This led to him working with Lecrae on an album and the start of their collaborations.

Author: Liv Hernandez