Lecrae in 2023

Published on March 6, 2023

Fresh off the release of his album, Church Clothes 4, Lecrae began talking about releasing an extended version of that album. This new release, Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only, the deluxe edition, was released on February 24th and features collaborations with other talented artists.

The reason for this new release is that Lecrae said that there is an abundance of Music left over from when the album was released the first time. That sounds very promising and something fans will look forward to.

This information was previously shared during an Instagram live from Lecrae. It took a while, but Lecrae delivered on that promise. The release information was later confirmed in his new music video titled ‘Good Lord,’ which he released earlier this month.

This is going to be a busy year for Lecrae. During his live video, he also hinted that there would be other plans or releases for the Church Clothes album and mixtape. However, he didn’t specify what those were. Fans also know he will be embarking on the final tour for the Church Clothes album in March of this year. He is also scheduled to appear in other shows and events as well. Fans will be pleased with the abundance of music that they are going to receive from Lecrae this year.

The entire Church Clothes project is not the only thing that actually Lecrae is involved in. Another exciting project he will be working on involves his sometimes collaborator, Andy Mineo. They are both scheduled to appear in a series of advertisements for McDonald’s, for the restaurant chain’s new hot chicken burger. These advertisements will feature the duo and their iconic song, ‘Coming in Hot.’

These ads are hoping to appeal to a younger generation. The burger that will be advertised is the ‘Mcspicy’. A series of advertisements involving Lecrae and Andy Mineo will run for several weeks. Fans should keep an eye out for the specific air date. The entire McDonald’s Corporation and everyone involved, is very excited about this advertising campaign. They hope that it will be a promising endeavor for all involved.