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With his first studio album in nearly 3 years, Cincinnati native, Lesun, returns with his third solo effort entitled “The Difference”, set to release in December 2010. This album promises to be the culmination of his latest and most personal work to date. “The Difference” speaks to the believer about being set apart, from the world, from their past, and any strongholds that can affect the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus to the lost. And it also encourages fellow believers to be excited, not fearful or ashamed of being different.

In addition to being geared toward the believer, this album speaks to the non-believer as well. “My message to the non-believer is simple, the only one who can truly bring about a change that really matters, in your life, is Christ, and Christ alone. And if you receive Him, He won’t just make a difference in your life, He’ll give you a new life altogether,” says Lesun.

“The Difference” covers a wide musical, cultural and emotional range. It speaks to the heart with an eclectic mix of hip-hop soul, elements of rock, R&P and pop, with always a little something outside-of-the-box sprinkled in just the way you are used to hearing from Lesun… for the soccer mom and the emcees, for the princess and the pulpit. “The Difference” is a labor of love, testament to talent, and the evidence of a man whose life is truly… different.

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