Limoblaze – Two 

Another reason to be grateful this month. Limoblaze released two new tracks earlier this month. The tracks are: “Somebody” and “Two.”Fans of this talented artist are in for a treat with both of these songs.

“Two” is absolutely incredible. The beats are amazing. They have this fresh and new sound that you can’t find in other music today. The music and lyrics are so upbeat and uplifting. This song makes you want to dance and join in the celebration and praise in the Words.

“Somebody” is a very gentle and mellow track. The beats aren’t that overpowering on this song. This gives you a chance to really hear the amazing vocals. On this track you’ll find yourself getting lost in poetic lyrics. A powerful song about the love of God and Jesus. A memorable line, ‘I’ll lay down my life for you.” That’s so well written and true. That’s the type of relationship we all need to have with the Lord.

The gospel is expressed heavily in these two tracks. They’re incredible pieces of music by a talented individual.