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[Listen.] Jauego – More To Love

God is love, a human can never amount to the level he provides. I made this song to help people that feel like they have done wrong, and do not deserve God. God forgives and loves all even in hard times. @jauego

#CHH #ChristianHipHop #ChristianRap #GospelRap #Holyculture #Holyhiphop


Look up above
When you had enough
It’s hon be alright
There’s more to love
Put my trust in the word
All I got was hurting back
Didi you wrong many times
But you never turned you back
You are the reason why I breathe
Body soul still attached
I know that they mad

Cause I’m always fighting back
You gave me love when I really dont deserve it
I was chasing life it aint worth it
I heard a voice calling out never heard it
It was God telling me that I’m worth it
Got these people in these streets see they walk around with hurt
Got these demons wanting deth so thats why they always lurk
We aint gotta live this life we can always taake turn
In the dark to the light I was steady in His word
I thought that I knew it all
But all those times where false
We been throught it all
Catch me when fall

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