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[Listen] Murk – Call You Back

“Call You Back” is a song from @murkp31’s fourth studio album, 31 Gang, Friday that speaks to the young Christian woman and encourages them to step up and be the Woman of God He is calling them to be! The song addresses topics such as finding love, modesty, connecting with God and it inspires and challenges young Christian ladies to live their life Fully set out for God.

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About the Album:
(Memphis, TN) – Holy Hip Hop artist and founder of the P31 (Proverbs 31) Movement, Murk, is set to release her fourth studio album, 31 Gang, Friday, September 4th. Fueled by her frustration with the hyper sexualized image of many female artists, Murk continues to declare war on unrighteousness and uses her lyrical sword to combat those messages while urging women to become righteous instead of ratchet. 31 Gang picks up where her 2017 project, Kingdom Kulture, left off blending the old school sentiments of classic artists like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah with the new school vibes of today's hottest hip-hop. The entire project brings divine fire that’s designed to encourage women to embrace the queen in them while shunning negative messages and sexualized images and stereotypes.
Using the Bible verses found in Proverbs 31 as her guide, Murk offers herself as a role model in an industry where women who choose to live for Christ and make music to reflect it are often overlooked. “We have to offer an alternative to the sexualized sinful culture that is being perpetuated in the media and music,” said Murk. “There are still women who want to live according to God’s word. There are women of virtue who choose not to wear revealing clothing, use vulgar language, and who don’t use their bodies to gain attention. In my opinion, those women don’t get enough exposure and P31 Gang is here to galvanize and encourage my Kingdom Queens while giving them their own anthems to bop to,” said Murk.
31 Gang contains 10 hot new tracks:

1. 31 Gang
2. Sit Wit Us
3. No Ring Ft. Dee-1
4. Doin The Most Ft. D. McGhee
5. Call You Back
6. No Scams
7. Throw Him Back
8. Drippin
9. Role Model
10. Classic

The first single, “Call Me Back,” was recently released and encourages women to avoid drama, love their bodies, and put their mind on securing the keys to God’s kingdom rather than worldly possessions. 31 Gang can be found on all major music outlets that include Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and YouTube.

Mercedes “Murk” Wheeler is an ordained minister whose ministry focuses on youth and women. She has seen many wins since the release of her first album, Murk In Season in 2013. Her 2015 women’s empowerment hit P31 landed her exposure on Magic Johnson’s Aspire network and allowed her to further use her platform to uplift women and encourage them to embrace positive attitudes and body images, and Christ. She then expanded her reach with the publication of her first book, “P31 Devotional,” which encourages females of all ages to embrace their natural beauty and walk in their purpose. She is also the co-host of the P31 Podcast and has plans to launch a natural hair care line called P31 Queen Essentials as another avenue to encourage women to love themselves the way God made them. Merging her passion for ministry and performance arts, Murk travels around the world spreading God's message of love and salvation to win the lost, heal the hurting, and inspire the masses. To learn more, visit her website at

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