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This week, N.I.F.T.Y and Kay C take a look at cohabitation before marriage; while this is an increasingly popular trend, is it in fact worthwhile? In theory, the idea seems to make sense – “try before you buy”. But in “test driving” our partners we can’t deny the fact that we’ve entered into an agreement which implies that we require an exit if necessary. This mindset goes against the basic principle of marriage which is – simply put – for life. Tune in and find out why Nif and Kay believe that the only way to find out what it’s like to be married is to BE married.


The More-Talk Hour
DJ Official – Nothing Without You ft. JR and Lecrae
NevaHurd – Devil Can’t Have Me
Mark J – Dating or Married
Kambino – Hodge Podge

The More-Music Hour with DJ Versatile

1. Hollywood Holly – Overcomer (Ft. Waddee)
2. Prophet – Save Souls (Ft. Hollywood Holly & Waddee)
3. Milliyon – I’m Jus Swaggin’
4. Fresh I.E. – Swagger In My Pocket (Ft. Philly 5, and Sadie)
5. 2 Edge – Why Lie (Ft. Young Joshua & Eddie)
6. Wille Will – What I Stand For
7. Eshon Burgundy – Long Story Short
8. JusThoughtZ – Audeamus
9. Promise – A Million

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