Inspired by love, passion and purpose with Hog Mob veteran Dontae and Myammee

Everyday we wake up we are living with purpose. It created us. It connects us. Purpose drives us and guides us.

Hog Mob Ministries Dontae and CHH artist Myammee are talking love, passion and living their purpose.

Ministry over business with Dontae of Hog Mob.

“I come from the culture, gangbanging, and selling dope,” said the St. Louis born rapper.” But when I gave my life to God, I started a job doing shipments and retired at 42 years old.” There’s a lot of us that come from the culture and are very sharp business men today, he proclaims.  Don’t let the snapbacks and sneakers fool you.  The mob is God focused, ministry driven and financially astute.   

For those who may not know, Hog Mob [acronym for hooked on God, ministry over business] is an organization focused on street ministry, those in prison, and those in recovery. Matter of fact, “Hog Mob might be the longest lasting Christian Hip Hop ministry,” explains Dontae.  Adding, “if you stay the course [in kingdom building], God will send the help.” 

A passion for street ministry

It takes a high level of dedication to God when doing street ministry.  “These communities are on edge and they are already overly protective and there’s tons of pride…it’s a lot different than going to church, when you go into these hoods and evangelize, you go into the devil’s playground.”

The truth is the streets, “respect authenticity more than anything,”  the CHH vet explains the major difference in doing street ministry versus working within the church.  And when they feel the sincerity, they’ll be more open to receiving the message.  

As a member of Hog Mob, the west coast evangelist keeps it ministry over business.  The brotha is adamant about not just freestyling, but prioritizing biblical correctness over ego.  “I like to write, proofread, then I may take like four lines of what I’m writing and make those four lines real big…my process is a process and it takes a little bit longer than others.” 

Had I gotten the microphone prematurely, I probably would’ve damaged myself, Dontae confesses. He found someone to disciple him with Sevin. “What Sevin did was, he took the opportunity to pour into me and groomed me for what it is that I do today, so I think discipleship is very important.”

It’s that level of dedication to the Lord that prompted Dontae to build his life around discipleship, “I do see in the community is that some who don’t want to hear from others.  My music is too hard for the church and too church for the streets,” the rapper added. 

Dontae said that his music is for the ones who are at a crossroads in their life.  The ones who are not sure which way to go.  “If a dude is wavering from right to left then that’s the dude I speak to.

The Trinity EPs

I created these Trinity EPs to utilize my platform to put other people on, Dontae confesses. “I’ve been looking for something to pour into… that way if I ever leave the position I’m in, I don’t leave the position unfiled.” Dontae mentioning how he connected with Gregg Styles for his latest project. 

Last words…love

“Love is what got me to where I’m at,” explains Dontae “There is no greater love than the love he displayed on the cross. I’ve been blessed to get to where I’m at today because I learned how to love on a lot of individuals.”  

You watch Dontae’s Sacrifice video and make sure to tap in with the Hog Mob vet on IG @hogmob_dontae.

Myammees Passion

Originally known from her time on the popular tv show Flavor Of Love, Myammee is now stepping in the music world as an up and coming CHH artist. “First of all, I still work.” Even though Myammee’s rap career is taking off, she still has a regular day to day job but hopes for an opportunity to be blessed enough to do music full time. “I’m an entrepreneur, realtor, and HIV advocate, I have to get things done,” Myammee admits.    

Being an HIV advocate 

As a result of losing her mother, and twin brothers to HIV, Myamee decided to channel that hurt into advocacy work. Reluctant to share her experience at first, she held on to the pain because, “people were so judgmental and I don’t think everyone was ready to hear me say I live in a house with my momma and my brothers and they got HIV. People were still ignorant, that root of my family makes me have that same passion for Christians who are not accepted.” 

God is going to be God, meaning, He will use our pain for His purpose.  “I realized why God has placed me in a family like that where I had to be all alone and deal with death, and keep goin,” the femcee testifies.

Working with the CDC and local organizations to help raise awareness for HIV, Myammee is walking in her purpose.  Representing for those who don’t fit in and who feel judged,  she is encouraging non-traditional Christians on their faith journey by showing them the love of Christ. 

Spending time with God

We all experience that longing to cut off the world and be in the presence of the Most High. “I have to get silent, I know He’s all powerful and He can speak to me,” Myammee reveals.  The business woman of God understands how vital it is to nurture our individual relationship by spending time with Him. 

Sometimes she’ll mix it up with simple things like going to the beach or a favorite restaurant but ultimately it’s the solitude that helps the most. “When I come out of my isolation, whether it be three days, five days, seven days, fourteen days, whatever it is, I come back stronger than ever because I spent that time with not only myself and my thoughts but with God pouring into me.” says Myamme. 

Finding meaning in every aspect of her life, like being on a tv show to being born on a Sunday, . “He aint place me on this journey just for fun, everything has worked out the way it was supposed to”, declares Myammee. “Everything is adding up, and now I’m taking more inventory of everything and understanding that God allowed this for a reason. Being ok with my journey and who He created me to be is something I had to embrace,” she says.   

The Christian hip hop community   

“Last year (2022) was my first full year living a full life of artistry.  I’m still trying to get to a comfortable place of walking within that,” said Myammee. “Some days I say nah God ain’t no way, you sure?  You really want me to do this? Because I ain’t being received in CHH,” she stated.

The Miami native is freeing herself from the bondage of labels.  “I have realized maybe I’m not a Christian hip hop artist, maybe I’m just a gospel rap artist, maybe I’m just a Jesus praiser, maybe I’m just a girl who loves God who don’t mind rapping about him!” 

We know when we walk in our purpose we have to shake off disbelief whenever it attacks, “I have to somehow get out of my doubt and my fear of asking God, Lord you sure,” Myammee reveals.  

At the end of the day, we; the CHH community must always be consciously aware of the mission behind the music.  We can never take our collective eyes off Jesus and the spreading of the gospel.  When them demons come at us, they gone get this work! Let’s continue to uplift each other in prayer.  Purpose over fame.   

Get to know Angela AKA Myammee and listen to her latest single Woman/women of God.    

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Love, passion and purpose with Hog Mob, Dontae and Myammee
Love, passion, and purpose with Hog Mob Dontae and Myammee